Franchise Marketing Online: Do's And Don'ts

Franchise Marketing Online: Do's And Don'ts

If you’re ready to become an entrepreneur, but don’t have time to build your business from scratch, franchising might be for you. It’s currently one of the strongest start-up sectors, there are plenty of franchise opportunities that go well beyond the golden arches. If you’ve never done much in the ways of marketing, these simple do’s and don’ts will help ease you on your way to a fabulous franchise.

Do These Things

Embrace social media marketing strategies – The consumers whom you are targeting are most likely already on social media, so advertising your franchise there just makes sense. Local advertising is great, but having a social footprint can bring in different set visitors who are active on the web. Try using franchisor-approved creative messaging content alongside local deals to retain brand identity and get a routine exposure that will enhance your branding efforts.

Build a social community – Your franchise has probably already developed a social branding model that works for both the national franchisor and individual franchisee. Your national social sites might give tips and ideas to the public, but you can then supplement these nationally driven items with localized events, meetings, and causes. Be committed to your local followers by posting images and Tweets about how you’re involved in local activities.

Don’t Do Those Things  

Don’t Discourage Online Reviews - The world looks to sites like Google, Yelp, Amazon, and the Better Business Bureau to get the inside line on different products, services, or businesses. In fact, nearly eight out of 10 consumers believe that online reviews are trustworthy. Encourage your die-hard customers to write reviews for your site by inviting them to say a few words about your franchise. A good review is worth more than you can imagine.

That being said, you might get a few negative reviews. You can’t control what people think or say, but you can monitor reviews to sort out the so-called “trolls” from people who actually had a negative experience. No one is perfect, and a bad experience might occur at your franchise. Reach out to the disenchanted consumer and make things right by apologizing and offering an incentive to give your business another chance.

Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of Incentives - Who isn’t a part of a rewards program for a hotel chain, or a local grocery store? You don’t have to be a worldwide chain to offer some type of incentive program to foster more loyalty from your customers. Rewarding them for their patronage goes a long way toward keeping them coming back, and telling others about you. 

Consider sending out special coupons via direct mail, email, text, or social media. This reminds them that you’re there and it’s a friendly way to touch base. It also gives them an added incentive to choose your place over someone else’s by putting you right in their pathway.  They might not have been planning to patronize your store immediately, but a coupon can encourage them to stop by sooner.

Final Franchise Thoughts

Even the most well-known franchise needs to find fresh ways to stay relevant to their target audiences. By using franchisee-specific marketing tactics, you’ll ensure your best chance of long-term success by keeping current consumers interested and turning interested people into consumers.

Finally, it’s no secret that every business needs a little help, form the franchise to the family-owned Mom & Pop. Why not let help you with your marketing plans? From marketing solutions to online automation software, you’ll discover the best way to get your business out there and continue with the success every good franchise deserves.