8 Ways to Improve Brand Engagement on Social Media

8 Ways to Improve Brand Engagement on Social Media

Social media is where it’s at and unless you’re using it to your advantage, you’re already several steps behind the rest. There are countless companies out there and chances are, you’re not offering anything that someone else isn’t already offering. For this reason, brand engagement is the element that can separate you from the pack and elevate your business to success.

1 - Choose The Networks That Work For Your Business

There are hundreds of social media apps out there, but not every social network will make sense for your company. If you aren’t gaining any traction where you currently are, step back and take a look. How does the platform align with your business goals and brand image? If the answer is less than perfect, rethink and regroup. Look at demographics and find the networks that align best with your audience.

2 - Choose To Use Visual Branding

Visuals are an important part of social media branding. Each of your profiles should look like they are owned by your company to create an instant and familiar connection.  If you stay consistent, your consumers will recognize you no matter where they are. Take advantage of:

  • Color palettes
  • Logos and avatars
  • Uniform filters
  • Templates

Keep them all as consistent as possible. This will make you easy to identify on any platform. And consumers will think of you and your business with just one view.

3 – Use Your Voice

Your brand personality has a chance to shine in social media posts. Find your social media voice and start using it in your tweets, posts, and captions. Consider your company culture and your audience as you take the time to develop your voice to brand your business. Be authentic by being you.


4 – Curate Your Content  

Content curation is a fantastic way to build authority throughout your industry. It creates a steady flow of social media posts that go beyond self-promotion and provide valuable information.  Create a strategy to streamline your content and keep it consistent across all platforms. Don’t fill your timeline with random topics.  Keep it related to your area of expertise without relating to your brand.   

5 – Make It Regular

If you are not consistent with posting, say so-long to your social media branding efforts. This is where the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is coined. How often you post depends on your platform, so look at the recommended analytics, or simply discover through trial and error.

6 – Forge Connections With Influencers

You’ll notice that the big companies gets loads of engagement when they post new images on Instagram. This is because they are established brands with millions of followers. A smaller company might not have such a large audience, but by building relationships with bigger ones, you can gain respect and trust by getting their endorsements.

7 – Engage!

The exclamation point on this tip shows the importance of engaging with others on social media. No one wants to make a comment on a post and not have the author at least give it a “like.” And if it gets a reply, it’s like gold. Continue to build your brand, see and be seen, and comment when it makes sense. Even commenting on other companies is perfectly acceptable.

8 – Secure Your Name

Be active and excellent on one or two social media sites as opposed to being mediocre on multiple platforms. Don’t neglect to create a presence on a few extras, however.  Set up a profile and secure them for possible use in the future. This can help with SEO when people Google you.

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