A Friendly Tone can Help Your business Thrive

A Friendly Tone can Help Your business Thrive

Keeping a Friendly Tone on Your Website Can Help Increase Business 

You're a business owner, you built what you have from the ground up. People throughout your life have always been probing you for weaknesses, trying to find ways to take advantage of your creation. Starting a business hardens a person, sometimes to the extreme.  Your language may even take on a less empathetic tone, it's not your fault, it's just the world you live in. While a more aggressive tone can be helpful in some situations, when creating a website and talking to customers, using a friendly tone is always better. 

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Stay Friendly, even if the Customer Doesn't Know as Much 

Over the years, you and your employees have quickly become professional experts in whatever industry the business specializes in. When focusing intently on such an important part of the economy, it can be easy to forget that most other people are just as busy doing other things. This does not make them unintelligent, simply different than you.  

At the same time, talking down to a person because of their lack of knowledge is not professional behavior.  Nobody enjoys it and you could lose clients this way. If you are a disagreeable person, you might not even realize your tone is turning people away.  

  • Ask coworkers about your tone. Gauge how other people receive your words by asking your coworkers about it. Politely inquire as to how you come off during conversations with them and customers.  This is a potentially painful experience, it's hard to hear criticism about yourself. Remember, your coworkers are only trying to make you a better person while also improving their own work situation. If your personality has been rubbing them the wrong way - it might be time to make a change. 

Hear them out and have a discussion. Try to nail down where it is you can work on your language. Oftentimes, it's not what you say but how you say it. A good trick is to always smile when talking to others, this subconsciously puts you in a good mood and helps to elevate the conversation 


  • Write content in a friendly way. When crafting your web pages, the content and ultimate tone is up to you. Your business is the authority on the subject, just don't dilute reader engagement with a harsh or condescending tone. Whenever there is the urge to lay out facts about what people should know, just remember, people are looking to be friendly with those they do business with, they want more than logical answers.   

Keep the content conversational, especially when explaining industry jargon. It's not that people don't want to learn what you know, it's just most people view tone as the most important aspect of a conversation.  


  • Remember who your buyer is. Think about the typical customer your business interacts with. Write content to that person. There is no need to try and impress other business owners in the same industry as you – they're not buying what you're selling. Talk to folks who have a problem you can solve. Think of your website like a consultant – would you want to visit a professional who chastised you because of your lack of knowledge? Be the support system customers are looking for.  

Stop Being Tone Deaf 

Interacting with potential customers is becoming more complicated with the use of digital marketing tools. Instead of talking to a person over the phone and having that be the first interaction with your business, the phone call is potentially one of the last points of contact. Consumers are turning toward search engines to find solutions for their issues, conducting their own research before deciding on a business. 

Therefore, the tone of your website is important. Upon the initial discovery of your business, you want to build trust with all potential users.  Friendly, easy to read text helps your company come across as not only trustworthy but easy to do business with. Ultimately, most consumers make decisions based on social interaction.  Even if you are not a friendly person, if you can recognize what it takes to be friendly, there is no shame in faking it 'til you make it.  Let http://ignitedlocal.com help your website come off as friendly and trustworthy.