Create a Brand Personality to Set Yourself Apart

Create a Brand Personality to Set Yourself Apart

In a world that’s completely centered on technology, it can be difficult to develop a solid social marketing strategy. Sometimes, it’s just figuring out where to begin that can leave business owners frustrated.

The Struggle Is Real

It’s clear that many small business owners struggle when it comes to social media. While some startups admit that they don’t understand the benefits of social marketing, others understand it, but have no idea how to advertise. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available for the small business owner that can really break down the process, such as:

  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Online forums
  • Workshops
  • Training courses

Use these tools to take small steps toward creating brand awareness.  Jumping into something you know very little about can be problematic. After all, social media will hold you to your promises and call you out if you don’t deliver.  Building a social strategy is a lot easier if broken down into little pieces.

Start by understanding the different platforms available to you and the purposes they serve. If you produce longer form video content, you’ll find it works best on YouTube. Shorter videos, however, belong on Facebook or Instagram. Twitter can be used as a jumping-off point to begin a discussion, but it’s not as visual as Facebook and Instagram. Once you know your platform, you’ll be ready to begin.

Let Your Personality Shine

The story you tell must be gripping and engaging. By attaching it to a social trend or current news event, the story will travel even further. Your brand personality is what sets you apart from the dozens of other companies out there who are doing the same exact thing that you’re doing. Coke and Pepsi both sell carbonated colas, but they have created such vastly different brand personalities that they’re light years apart.  

Successful social marketing defines your brand’s personality and showcases it on all of your channels. Use the same attributes on all platforms and remain true to what your business stands for and aims to achieve.  Demonstrate your business’ personality and remain consistent throughout all channels. As a business owner or founder, it’s important to represent your brand from the start.

Showcase who you are through your content, but do it without being overly promotional. Offer content that adds value to people’s lives. Content that stirs emotions and feelings is more likely to get shared than a stale advertisement that your audience can find anywhere. Don’t be afraid to get personal. People love feeling connected to a brand; that’s what drives their loyalty and keeps them coming back

Experiment Until You Get It Right

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The beauty of social media is that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions; many find success due to its test and learn approach. If one channel isn’t working for your business, try another until you get the right fit. If the content isn’t getting great results, create something new. Through trial and error, you will eventually be able to establish what works for your brand.

Remember that it’s the human element that people are looking for in today’s world. Ultimately, people buy from people they like and people they feel a connection to. They trust businesses that come across as experienced and passionate. Continue to stay engaged on your social channels with regular updates and be honest to who you are.

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