Market Globally Focus Locally

Market Globally Focus Locally

When you create an online presence, your potential audience stretches across the entire globe.  Just about anyone in the world can access your website or social media pages, and depending on the products and services you offer that could be a big help for your business.  However, many businesses operate on the local scale, and while they may have a target demographic that demographic has to be nearby to actually interact with your business.


That’s why local targeting is important in online marketing campaigns.  Making your company’s name famous is great, but it won’t mean a thing to your bottom line if you’re only famous to people in England when your business is located in Boston.  Fortunately, there are several established ways you can focus your marketing on your local area so that the people who will hear about you are also your potential customers.


Geo-Targeted Ads


Companies like Google and Facebook that sell ad space allow businesses to be very specific about the demographics you want your ads to target.  This includes age ranges, browsing histories, viewing histories, and location.  If your business can only cater to locals, then it’s essential to choose your location when you’re setting up your ad buy.  Companies like these also let you choose several locations instead of just one since you may have businesses in several cities but no national presence.


Local Keywords


When people search for businesses in their location, they’ll type that location into the search bar.  Google and some other search engines can show local results even without the keywords if their users are signed in, but even then the engine will use those local keywords as a way to gather the right results.  Your company can take advantage of local searches by repeating the name of your location on your main page and in the blog posts, you create for your site.


Review Sites


Review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have ways for visitors to focus on the businesses in a single city or region.  After all, a traveler in New York City won’t care about the highest-rated restaurant in the world if it’s located in Los Angeles.  This means that the people searching for good businesses on review sites are already interested in looking at their area, and so if you encourage your customers to leave you reviews on these sites you’ll raise your visibility without having to spend a cent on marketing.


Online marketing creates some interesting challenges when it comes to local businesses that want or need their customers to stay local.  An online presence is the best way to get your name out there, but the people you want to know your name are only in a small area.  That’s why it helps to work with a company like ignitedLOCAL who understands how important it is to focus your efforts on getting the word out in your area.  If that sounds important to you, then sign up today and let us get to work on boosting your visibility.

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