What Your Business Can Learn From Grumpy Cat

What Your Business Can Learn From Grumpy Cat

Have you heard of Grumpy Cat? This cat is the most popular meme on the internet. And when I say that, I am not speaking of hyperbole. This statement can be inferred from the wealth created by the cat.  

Grumpy Cat is worth $100 million.  


That's right.  

Compare that number to the value of your company and we can begin to see the importance of studying the phenomenon of Grumpy Cat. There is not a marketer alive that wouldn't sell their left kidney to work with Grumpy Cat.  The amount of views and organic search results that follow the cat is enough to boost the sales of any product in the marketplace. 


What Makes Grumpy Cat Special 


The first, obvious reason, is how unique the cat looks? With a squished face and a stunted body, not many people have cats that resemble Grumpy Cat.  


  • Using Unique Marketing Techniques. 

Using Grumpy Cat as an example of unique marketing techniques, we can start to formulate ideas about your own business. What about your products and services make your company different from the competition? Is there, perhaps, a mascot you could use to make interaction with your website better?  

While it doesn't have to be a cat video, animals certainly help.  Think about appealing to a broad demographic and nothing is better than funny animals. 


Grumpy Cat is relatable.  

How can an animal that does not talk be relatable? 

Simply put, it has become a meme. People are able to project their own ideas onto the cat. Successful anthropomorphic jokes have catapulted a simple cat into a generational icon.  


  • Having Your Company be Relatable 


Don't sell yourself short. The reason you have a business is because of how relatable it is. You provide a service that is already in demand, plus, you have a built in following. Every customer that has bought your product or service is a fan. Treat past customers just like subscribers on a YouTube channel. Once you figure out what they like, you can continue to market popular content.  


Grumpy Cat can be used for virtually every marketing campaign. It can sell cat food but it can also be featured on a daytime TV show. The versatility of Grumpy Cat is the foundation for its success. 


  • Create a Versatile Marketing Campaign  

Just like Grumpy Cat, your business needs to be versatile. The content you are creating needs to be used across all platforms and for all customers. With this in mind, you still want to keep what you are creating targeted. Ensure it relates to the industry you are in.  

Where the dance begins is in creating a campaign that can be expanded across all your digital platforms. It should also be broad enough that people who do not know your company are attracted enough to check it out.  Incorporate humor and jokes into the overall campaign. Find new ways to relate to your demographic.  


Grumpy cat gives people an escape from their reality. It's non-political, non-confrontational, and best of all it's really funny. It's goofy looking and accessible for all people.  


  • Universal Appeal 

Be like Grumpy Cat, use universal appeal to grow your brand. Recognition of your company will help to create a presence that facilitates sales. Creating a marketing campaign that is family friendly, funny, and overall pleasing to be a part of will all factor into your success. 

Be a part of.  

It is this characteristic of Grumpy Cat that has helped spur its success. Viewers feel like they are part of the campaign. Grumpy Cat is a symbol for a collective feeling, born from the internet. And this lesson is important to realize.  

Consumers want to feel like they are part of your company, not just another person you are selling to. By creating a strategy that allows for participation and memes, like Grumpy Cat, you can create an inclusive business. 

Give your demographic something to rally behind. Whether it be your products, brand, or even a funny animal mascot. People are inherently social creatures and being included in a Grumpy Cat-esque campaign provides the proper outlet for socializing.  Discover your business, find a voice, and make your marketing campaign the next Grumpy Cat.