When Campaigns Fail, Try and Try Again

When Campaigns Fail, Try and Try Again

Not every marketer has the ability to create no-fail campaigns every time, right out of the gate. In fact, dynamic campaigns that exceed expectations on the first try without tweaks or revisions are not as common as you might assume. Thinking, re-thinking, and then thinking again are the common steps taken before a campaign can even get off the ground.

The Fragility Of The Best Laid Plans

Social media campaigns are being used in just about every market for their ability to reach multiple people in multiple genres across multiple platforms. These campaigns can be met with much success, but sometimes, the numbers just don’t add up. Just because your marketing campaign fails to meet the goals you put in place doesn’t mean that you should give up, however. The best-laid plans, as well as the best-planned campaign, can be subject to disaster.

Social media campaigns don’t always come across as you’d like them to. There are strict guidelines set in the system to keep human error at a minimum, but they also keep the humanity out of the picture as well. Though being authentic on social media is essential, it’s also considered a risky business move. If it works out, it can lead to enormous success; if not, it’s time to rethink and make a new plan and try again.

Social Media Fail

If you make a mistake on social media, your public is going to discover it; likely even quicker than you will. A mistake that has the potential to be harmful to your company and your brand must be handled correctly. Crow pie eaten, embarrassment swallowed, and it’s on to another day at the office as long as you follow these rules:

  • Understand that the situation is always salvageable.
  • Refrain from making quick reactions without thinking them through.
  • Don’t ignore the mistake or try to hide it.
  • Take the time to rebuild your image.

If your small business sends out a regrettable tweet or Facebook update, remember that there is very little that could ever cause your business to shut down or go bankrupt. Take a few deep breaths and work to remedy the situation. Don’t just spew out an inappropriate response off the top of your head; really consider what to say in thoughtful and carefully worded terms.

Everyone makes mistakes; not everyone admits them. Own up to the damages and take responsibility no matter who made the remark or botched the campaign. Removing the comment, post, or ad is only the first step in making things right. The second step of owning up and apologizing it’s what makes, or breaks, your reputation.

Keep Trying And Rebuilding

After all, is said and done, you’ll need to take time to rebuild your image. Though one bad campaign or comment won’t be the end of you, it can cause trust issues with your followers or clients. It might take some time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you put in the effort and continue to build back trust, you’ll get there.

You might consider doing what many businesses are starting to do; set up a social media policy and crisis communications plan. The best time to learn exactly what to do with an epic fail is before it happens. It’s a good idea to give yourself administrator access and create some disaster response essentials.

Taking appropriate action quickly following an error can not only reduce harm but also win your brand a degree of goodwill. To get some expert advice on marketing plans, social media blunders, or rebuilding rust in your market, contact http://ignitedlocal.com. We’ll help you get back up and keep trying.