Why Your Small Business Needs a Mission Statement

Why Your Small Business Needs a Mission Statement

Mission statements may seem drained, but they are a key element that every business should implement, and take advantage of. They help build your businesses identity and drive you toward long-term success. 


What is a Mission Statement? 

A mission statement is the summary of a company's values. A good mission statement should focus on the company's core purpose. You want to clearly state what the company does, however, leave room for improvements and changes by not using specific wording. For example, a local cinema's mission statement should not read as followed, "We bring state-of-the-art projecting screens to the world." Instead, it should say "We bring high-tech imaging software to all mediums." In the future screens and projectors may no longer be the preferred medium, thus, the vague wording is needed to get the point across, yet leave room for interpretation and changes.  



How to Write a Mission Statement 

Instead of just giving an example like above, we will also walk you through the brains storming process of creating the perfect mission statement. With more than 3 billion people using the internet and checking your website it may be smart to take notes. Whether you have had your small business for a while, or are barely starting off on your voyage, it is important to know who you are as a business. The first step to creating a mission statement is to figure out what role your company plays in the customer's life. Next, you need to lay out the company's goals. It's easier to write a mission statement with goals in mind. Finally, you should write your mission statement as if it was a "how to" for your business. It should clearly state what your business is, how it conducts, and its place in society.  

For example, Facebook's mission statement never mentions the words "social media," yet it is fully understood who they are, and how they operate. "Founded in 2004, Facebook's mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them." 



How Mission Statements Benefit Small Businesses 


Company Direction 

A mission statement helps move a company in the right direction. The intentions and direction of the company are laid out, and employees can easily follow along.  

Having a mission statement also helps during the hiring process by making it easy for possible employees to know if they align with the goals of the company. You can rest assure that those looking into your establishment have seen your mission statement on your website and know what's expected of them.  


Tells a Story  

Although mission statements are written in a very formal manner. They also reveal a hidden story underneath. Meaning a mission statement tells the story of the company. Potential clients could read your small businesses mission statement and know exactly who you are, and how your company does what it does. By the last sentence of the mission statement, a buyer should have a good idea if your company fits what they're looking for. This is why it's important to never elaborate or extend the truth on a mission statement.  


Shines a Mirror  

A mission statement is a good way to keep track of who you are as a company. There is no reason to have an identity crisis when your homepage has a constant reminder of what the company is.  A good mission statement also allows your company to evaluate itself. 



Keeps Company Focused  

A mission statement does a great job of keeping a company focused. With goals, expectations, and improvement all laid out in a paragraph all one needs to do is read over it to stay on track of business. While your mission statement is keeping your company focused it is also simultaneously making decision making much easier.  For example, when beginning a new project, it's easy to want to take on anything that comes your way. However, your mission statement will remind you of who you are as a company, and who your clientele should be.  While other companies are playing a guessing game of which offers they should accept, you already have a handy guideline for that. 


At ignitedLocal we recommend that a mission statement is made for your "company profile" page.