5 Ways to Write a Business Blog for Lead Generation

5 Ways to Write a Business Blog for Lead Generation

Writing business blogs is a proven technique for increasing views and generating leads. Valuable content on your website shows authority and builds trust. Properly written business blogs encourage potential leads to become buyers of your products and services.  
Inbound marketing has become the new standard of lead generation. This style of advertising gives potential customers a reason to engage with your business. By making them valuable information readily available, it gives your business more opportunity to generate leads.   

A great example of what your blog should include is a hyperlink near the top of the page. Because readers are likely to skim and only view the top of a story, this is a good place to add a link to a contact or landing page. 

The 5 Best Practices of Writing a Successful Business Blog  

1.) Create content with a purpose.  When deciding on the theme of your blog, hammer down why it is your writing it. Is the blog going to be a general overview of the industry? Maybe it will focus on solving a problem that many of your customers face.  
Generally, you want your blog to attract new customers that have just begun their research into solving a problem.  
2.) Write remarkable content. Your business's reputation is what your blog is projecting. Thoroughly research the topic at hand and be the authority on the subject. This is your bread and butter – who else could write a better article about your industry? The content should be valuable enough that readers will want to share it on their own social media.  
Do not fall into the trap of thinking this is a one-off practice. Business blogs need to be maintained on a weekly and even daily basis. The more articles are written, the greater your authority, views, and leads will grow.  


3.) Formatting your blog for complete optimization. After writing an amazing blog, it is imperative to properly design the content in an easy to read format.  Most people are highly visual, and the right layout will make skimming easier and encourage greater engagement with your website.  

  • The title should be 50-60 character in length. This is because Google will only show that many characters in their search results. 


  • Incorporate white space to make the words easier to read. Leave a space after every paragraph and use bolded titles to clearly break up the text. It is also a good idea to use white margins on either side. This breaks up the blog even more and creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. 


  • Optimize the blog for SEO.  Do a Google search of similar terms to your blog's content. Find the most popular titles that similar businesses in your industry have used. Find the keywords and structure it in a way that sounds conversational. 


  • Example: Writing a Business Blog – Once optimized the title becomes: 5 Ways to Write a Business Blog for Lead Generation  

Intersperse the long tail keyword 2-3 times throughout the blog. Use synonyms and change up the order of the words. Search algorithms are smart, they will be able to understand the main purpose of the content.  


4.) Promote business offers on the blog. The content itself does not have to mention your company by name. In most cases, it is better to leave out all mention of your business or what it does.  However, it is always a good idea to have a promotional offer included in the sidebar and even at the bottom of the article. 

A great example of a lead generation tactic is to display a subscribe button prominently near the top of the page. This can allow readers to give you their contact information in exchange for even more valuable content you are creating.  


5.) Social media amplification. After investing time and energy into making a remarkable blog post, it would be a waste if nobody read it. Use Social media to spread awareness of your business blog and increase readership.   


By creating original content on a frequent basis, it will, in turn, boost social media follows. Content creation is more powerful than simple re-posting. Potential buyers will follow, share, and engage with your posts more regularly if you are consistent in creating them.