Achieve Marketing Results with a Small Budget

Achieve Marketing Results with a Small Budget

Your marketing team holds the key to the financial future of your company. Hitting key metrics is essential to growth and prosperity. What happens when you face a budget crisis? Working with limited resources might make for a stressful scenario, but following the steps of others who have walked the path before you may help.

Be Proactive About SEO

The first thing you need to know is that it isn’t just your game plan that needs to change. A small budget means you need to change your approach to various marketing pathways. Instead of exploring new marketing channels, your revised goal should take the away the mystery by pulling data insights out of the information you already have in order to achieve results.

Are you working with a reputable SEO agency? Be aware that some agencies run black-hat back-linking campaigns which can point thousands of spam links to your company's site. Though you’ll get results up front, the links will lose value at some point in the future. This will cause your company to fall in the rankings, or acquire steep penalties.   

Start looking beyond keyword research for your marketing strategies. Listen to the voices of your customers. What questions are they asking? What frustrates them?  Zero in on the language of your customers, cross-reference the trends you see with Google Trends and PPC data and create clearly focused strategies.

Rethink Your Content Strategies

Get critical of your content investments. There is an unending amount of information at your fingertips, so explore as much of it as possible before you plan and execute your content ideas. Figure out:

  • Which websites in your industry have the greatest impact in terms of voice
  • Why are they ranking so well
  • What is it that your content needs to be just as, if not more, successful
  • How can you use their success to boost your own

Deconstruct some of these websites, analyze them, and put them back together your own way to create success. You know that audience is there. Now it’s up to your team to capitalize on that audience and let consumer desire burn for the work you’re about to produce.

Regardless of how you plan to invest, be on the lookout for opportunities that can maximize the value of your marketing investments. Take content pieces and repurpose them into new formats or submit them to new publications. Keep in mind that a single piece of content has multiple uses. The more ways in which you find to use them, the lower your average cost per use will be.

Get To Know Your Data And Your Partners Better

When working with small budgets, be sure that you’re aware of the important metrics that can help justify what you spend. Start tracking and getting familiar with metrics such as your click-through rate, cost-per-click, and conversion rate. With so many widely available tools to help you find and track them, you really have no excuse not to.  

Most importantly, remember that a limited budget doesn’t mean doing everything in-house. Better results may come when you enlist the assistance of specialists, versus trying to learn something new. Be careful to choose the right specialists to partner with who will have a clear understanding of your company and its metrics.

No matter what your budget looks like, working with a company that can provide you with marketing solutions can be the key to unlocking results. When you’re ready to partner with someone who shares your desire for success, contact to get the help you need to achieve your goals.