How Local Content can Increase Your Company's Growth

How Local Content can Increase Your Company's Growth

Often times, small businesses have a hard time creating content that attracts local viewers. Thinking of new ideas can be time-consuming and often times, can feel like an impossible task. On top of that, if you only write about the services your business provides, your website can quickly become stale. Instead of allowing your website to become outdated with boring content, expand your horizons. Focus on the town you are in and use your local knowledge to create content that keeps people visiting your site.

Take Advantage of Your Location

As a small business, your greatest asset is the community you find yourself in. If there are local events or newsworthy happenings, your stature as a business owner guarantees you are well informed. And the best part about writing local content is that it doesn’t have to mention your business. Simply writing and acknowledging the town you are located in helps your business.

What customers and people want more than a product or service is a community. By default, your potential user base will be more attracted to events and stories that happen locally. By promoting the town, it shows your demographic that you are an invested member of the community. And being part of the community humanizes your business, making you more relatable.

Best Topics to Focus on When Creating Hyperlocal Content

When writing interesting and engaging content about local events, it is best to take off your “business” hat. Remember, by focusing on the community aspect, you are building your brand and creating trust. There will be ample opportunities to sell your products and services but this process is all about laying a foundation.

  • Write about animals. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Maybe you don’t like animals, well, keep it to yourself. One of the first rules of local content is that people love animals. Writing about dog parks or shelter cats is a great way to elicit views. People seek out reading about animals, and besides, writing about them is always fun. Bonus points for going to a shelter or a park and photographing local pets.

  • Construction stories. Staying up to date on local construction projects and infrastructure repairs ensure lasting popularity for your website. By creating fresh content about projects taking place, people will keep visiting your website. Are your roads under construction? Even better. People love reading about traffic patterns and how construction will affect their commute. Attracting commuters to your website helps you expand your customer base to individuals who may not live in town

  • Weather reports. What better way to initiate small talk than to talk about the weather? Being a local business, you are privy to weather changes before most people are. Offering people a small story about that day’s weather, especially in the morning, will make you the authority. Another benefit to this type of content is that weather reports are easy to write. Every day offers original content while keeping the formatting and layout identical to your previous content. As long as the post includes temperature and precipitation forecasts, you have content worth reading.

If you live in a holiday destination like a beach town or a mountain town, the weather stories can attract viewers from all over the country, maybe even the world. Having a live stream of the weather conditions outside has proven to be a unique way to increase online views.

  • Local Videos. Creating a Youtube channel for your business is a great idea. The best part about videos is that they can be extremely engaging if done correctly. One of the best examples of a video done right was in a Fried Chicken establishment. The owner simply filmed all his customers over the course of a week. He then compiled all the interviews and created a video showing the human side of his business. Featuring real, local people, on your website is a sure fire way to gain views. Can you think of creative ideas to celebrate your customer base?

Keep it Simple, Keep it Local

No matter what your content is, the simpler the idea, the better it will be. Focus on local events and keep it oriented towards the human perspective. Celebrate the community you are in and your business will flourish.