How Visual Images on Your Landing Page Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business

How Visual Images on Your Landing Page Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business

When potential customers first land on your website, what is it they see first? Is it a block of text, a static image, or maybe a video?  Depending on what you are selling and how a customer is searching, will dictate how best to create an engaging home page.  


Understand the Customer's Journey 

When a potential customer searches your business and lands on your web page, what are they doing there? You need to place yourself in the visitor's shoes and understand where precisely they are in a consumer journey. Are they clicking onto your site to make a purchase? Or are they still in discovery mode and it's your job to help them engage thoroughly with the website.  

Making a Purchase 

If your business provides a singular product or service that a visitor will jump on immediately, think about using a video. A simple, elegant, video that shows how your product works could be the perfect selling tool.  

A successful video will cover three main elements, the logic of your product, the emotion of it, and who is delivering the message. Generally, a success, story works best for your product. In this video, keep it simple. You do not want to confuse the customer with too many options or ideas. Now is not the time to pitch your other products or confuse them with all the possibilities. Just focus on your main product and why it is right for them, avoid upselling. Using a CTA button on the video makes it easy for a customer to click right to your store or contact page.  

If your ultimate goal is collecting email addresses, make the video an ad for your free giveaway. Use the CTA as a funnel towards your contact page.  

Discovery Mode 

When potential customers are still in discovery mode, it's best to use a static image. This prevents distractions and "banner blindness". It could be tempting to create a slideshow of multiple images as your main page but this will only serve as a distraction. Even if you think the design is cool, the majority of visitors will not want to click through your slideshow. Keep the user experience simple and to the point. Use your main image to funnel them to other pages within your website. 

Gracing the main image with some text and maybe one or two CTA's that help the reader further on their path of discovery can be extremely helpful. Linking to other pages within your website can make their own journey that much simpler. And simple is good, especially when courting a potential customer.  

Using an attractive, static image on the cover of all your landing pages can help with sales. Most people are visual learners and a related picture to what the page is about will be extremely helpful.  

Testimonial Video 

Maybe you don't use a testimonial video on your homepage but it is still a good idea to have one on the sales page. Featuring a satisfied customer or an authority figure in your niche can work wonders to making sales. A good testimonial video will feature a single person, talking about their experience with your product. Have the script focus on how it helped them, and why it is the best option for solving the problem.  

Most people find videos that play automatically annoying. It is a good idea to let the user play your video manually instead of it starting automatically. For videos that need to be played by the visitor, using an attractive still frame on par with other static images already on your site will boost the video's appeal.  

If you do want the video to start playing automatically, mute the volume. If the user really wants to watch it, they will turn the volume on.  Having an annoying landing page can make many people click off your site before they have time to read any content.  


Images and Video Help Disseminate Information 

Reading text blocks lacks inspiration and consumers are turned off by it. People are busy and reading takes too much time. Maximize your companies online profile with simple to digest pictures and friendly videos.