Social Media Hacks for 2018

Social Media Hacks for 2018

We’re living in a fast-paced world that only gets faster each day. Keeping up the pace on social media is often one of the biggest hurdles that brands must face. Platforms come and go, user behavior changes, and suddenly what worked yesterday is no longer relevant today. Looking back at 2017, you can see how many things changed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn alone. No one knows what else might change by the time this year is halfway through, but there are still enough evergreen strategies you can rely on to take your business through 2018 and beyond.

Tell A Story On Facebook

The public has made the declaration that impersonal brands are yesterday’s news. They want to feel understood, cared for, and loved. This might sound silly from the perspective of a professional business, but the world has changed. People crave intimacy, which is why social media has exploded the way it has.

This means it’s time to ditch the promos and make your presence more personal. With the new algorithm changes, businesses are scrambling to find ways around it. Skip the click bait and get real. Producing personalized content that’s authentic, that which tells a story to your followers can work to your advantage in two ways:

• A personal narrative bypasses traditional ads, making it more likely to wind up in the newsfeed.

• Your story will resonate with your followers as positive, meaningful messages rather than marketing spam.

Becoming a master storyteller will engage your audience far more than “click here now” ever could. Not all posts need to be promotional; some are just better off as being real. Personal connections mean everything.

Meet Content Demand By Repurposing

For as much time as the world spends on social media and the internet, browsing through stories and whatever catches their eye, it’s no wonder that there’s more demand for content than ever. Brands need to provide that content on a regular basis or risk being put out in the cold. That means multiple posts on multiple platforms. Who has the time to spend that many hours coming up with new ideas and content? By repurposing old content, you don’t have to.

Try taking quotes and stats from old posts to create graphics you can share just about anywhere. Use data from one of your past case studies to start a discussion on Facebook or Twitter. A single blog post can make up dozens of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to keep your brand active at all times.

Show Them Where You Are And Go Live

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, make use of geotagging on Instagram. This will build your local following in a fun and easy way. By targeting your business location on Instagram, it shows that you love being a part of the local community. Adding customer photos is a cool way to give proof that your business is the real deal, and it can give people a better understanding of your brand’s personality.

Video content can put you levels above the rest. Live videos are compelling because they put the viewer in the middle of the action. With algorithm changes on the way, Facebook has advised businesses to take advantage of their live feature to create more interactions. Live videos on Instagram Stories continue to rise, and this all boils down to seeing something real as opposed to boring, pre-shot content.

Sometimes it’s all easier said than done. You might need the assistance of a company who knows the ropes to give you a hand. For more social media hacks, or help with your online marketing, contact ignitedLOCAL today.