The Importance of Comments on Your Website

The Importance of Comments on Your Website

How often are you interacting with the users of your website? For most, the answer is very little, if at all. Treating your business website like a statue instead of a living and breathing portal could be costing you sales. Interacting with your customers and allowing them to interact with each other is a great way to maintain fresh content and create a website worth visiting.

Community is Good

Fostering an open dialogue among your consumers creates an environment of transparency and inclusion. Both attributes are highly attractive to potential customers. If you believe in your product, so will your customers. With all the interactions you have with customers on a daily basis, it can feel like an impossible task to stay updated with everyone. Allowing for comments on your website allows the users themselves to engage so you don’t have to. It also incubates potential leads and allows readers who are on the fence, decide on a purchasing decision faster.

Comments do Your job for you

People are inherently social and everyone visiting your website has one thing in common, interest in your business. Where else are users going to focus on the services you offer?

When clients have questions, it’s natural for people to talk with others in the same position as themselves. Most people prefer to talk with other customers and read reviews instead of asking the business directly. Going to the business owner is usually the final step in any decision-making process. Use this natural progression in your favor. If your website has a comment section, potential customers will gravitate towards it to glean useful information.

Another benefit of having comments is the ability to read them. Simply asking your customers their thoughts on your business will not deliver the results you want. Most people are busy or simply uncomfortable giving feedback in such a direct way. But in the comment section, people are more relaxed and their thoughts are more fluid. Monitoring the dialogue and seeing feedback in real time is invaluable. Where else are people so willingly open to talking about your livelihood?

Don’t Feed the Trolls

Allowinf for comments does open the door for negative feedback and “haters”. Over the course of your business, you are bound to run into people that will never be happy. These negative trolls will seek out your comment space and try to monopolize the conversation with their own opinions. When this happens, it can be frustrating to see but feeding the trolls is never a good idea. As long as you provide an excellent service and have the clientele to prove it, negative people will be shot down organically in the comment section.

Most people can easily tell if someone is not telling the truth and simply spouting their own random ideology. Feel free to chime in on a conversation but always take the high ground. Most people will respect your position as the business owner and defend you if you act professionally. Having a comment section lets people see how you react to negative pressures. Putting on a professional and friendly tone will only serve to help your business in the long term.

Online Forums and Even More Engagement Options

Having comment space is one thing, but offering an entire forum based on your business could be a great idea. Forums provide databases for all conversations that happen internally. They allow you to organize and focus conversations so that each question can be answered in an organized manner.

What About User Reviews?

Depending on what you are selling, user reviews will have an enormous impact on your sales abilities. There have been studies proving more user reviews help increase sales. Creating a space on your website that focuses specifically on reviews increases the value of the comment section. Using a rating system gives reviews a visual representation of a customer satisfaction. The most common rating system uses 5 stars, Amazon has famously capitalized on this system to grow their own business.

Keep the Conversation Ongoing

Allowing your user base to converse publicly is a great way to breathe life into your business. Vibrant online communities reflect your own popularity in real time. Don’t think of online discussions as distractions to reality, think of them as the new reality. Embrace the digital forum and see the results reflect in your bank account.