Why Your Small Business Should Have a YouTube Account

Why Your Small Business Should Have a YouTube Account

Cat videos, epic fails, and mouth-watering food tutorials, YouTube truly is a magical place. However, the mega social media site has more to offer than funny videos. YouTube gets over 30 million views per day, as a small business, this is an incredible opportunity to get your company on the map.  


Build Brand Awareness  

Building brand awareness is the most important step for any local business. Before you can have a following, you need to be recognizable. What better way than to have people recognize your company than in a video? Whether you create an advertisement or an explanation of your company you are creating content that people can access and view quickly.  


Need-Based Content 

As a small business, you can create content specifically for your local community. The goal of YouTube is to be original and gain an audience. If you're the only pest control business in town then use that to your advantage.  For example, create a video that gives viewers tips on how to keep insects out during the winter.  Your content will be needs-based, and you will rake in a specific audience. This means your tags will be related, and your niche will be known. 


Expand Audience 

In Today's world, it's not enough to handbill, email, or even have a Facebook account. You pretty much need every social media site imaginable, and for good reason.  By the year 2025, half of the viewers under the age of 32 will not be subscribed to a pay-TV service. Meaning now is the time to build your YouTube credibility and audience. 


Gives Transparency 

You want your customers to know your company, and with a YouTube account, your small business can give user's complete transparency. By creating videos, you are setting the tone of the company. Your audience will be able to better understand your local business from your own perspective.  



Visually Pleasing 

A sales pitch isn't enough, you need to capture their attention. The number of hours people spend watching videos on YouTube is up 60% year-over-year. Clearly, the digital age is here and more people are catering to the tech savvy's taste. By creating YouTube videos, you are creating a medium that is visually pleasing to the eyes of viewers on various sites. A good video can be shared on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and website.  



Ad Buys and Exposure 

Finally, what the end goal is for many, how to gain exposure from your YouTube account. Yes, the social media site gives your company transparency and allows you to create stimulating content, but that work is not for nothing. A good ad can go a long way. Take Blendtec for example, the popular kitchen appliance utilized YouTube to skyrocket their ad campaign. Using a low-cost YouTube ad service, the company made funny videos titled "Will it Blend" involving items such as iPhone's being blended. The ad was a hit, and it's a perfect example of how YouTube can boost your company's success. Besides having success through your own YouTube channel your local business can also invest in ad buys that play before a video. Data suggests that YouTube is the best social converter out there.