Your About Page Needs to Tell a Story

Your About Page Needs to Tell a Story

The “about” page of your website is your opportunity to tell the world who you are. They might not discover it any other way. It’s up to you how much authenticity you want to put out there, but no one can connect with cold, hard facts in bullet-point formation. Whatever you do, tell your viewers a story. Give them something to create a connection.

The Same Story In A Different Way

In a world that’s seen it all and done it all, are there really any original stories out there? Probably not. Consider those that have created some of the best minds in the business:

  • Growing up with one parent
  • Battling and beating an addiction
  • Starting a company from a parent’s basement
  • Working through college with a dollar and a dream

Your story is probably similar, but it’s how you tell it that makes it unique. Your market knows that everyone has a story and that many are alike, in fact that might be what draws them to you in the first place. Telling it in a new way can set you apart and get your audience craving more.

The lesson that all business owners must learn is that there are plenty of others out there for people to do business with. Freedom means having the choice to buy from whoever you like; and it’s whoever you truly like that you will buy from. This means that the goal of doing good business is achieved by making your brand more attractive, more likeable, and creating happy customers who will share the love and suggest you to others.

Becoming The Competition

While being competitive with your peers is a great way to set your marketing goals, it’s not always about the competition as a driving force. You might have other brands that are bigger than you are simply because they’ve been around for longer, or because they have a foothold in the market. But how much do people like them? There might be a well-known cable television company that dominates the market in many regions and therefore has many customers with no other options, but they might not be well-liked.

Your small television cable company might not have that regional domination, but the customers you have might truly enjoy you as a business. And should opportunity for expansion arise, you’ll have a reputation that carries new customers your way thanks to the connections you made. Those connections go back to your personal story, and competition takes on a whole new meaning. When you do it better than everyone else is doing it, you become the competition.

Loyalty Keeps Them Coming Back

Loyalty is what happens when people like your business, respect your brand, and feel a sort of connection to your company. Telling your personal story on the about page of your website makes them feel like they know you. It can make them feel like you share some of their experiences and therefore understand them. Your story can make people feel as if they can count on you if something ever went wrong with their product or service. That’s what builds loyalty.

Becoming emotionally attached to something is what keeps people coming back to it. It’s more than just the product you offer, it’s the face and reputation behind the product. Your opportunity lies in the about page, so take advantage of the platform.  If you need help creating a dynamic about page, give us a call. is all about finding what works best for you to build your branding, create those personal connections, and discover the perks that come with loyalty.  


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