4 Forms Of Digital Marketing

4 Forms Of Digital Marketing

Advertising and promotion have been the lifeblood of marketing for almost as long as the history of business itself. But while marketing itself is always a good idea, the best ways to reach out to the customers or clients you change over time. Digital marketing, for example, is now proving to be an effective means of marketing. You have a lot of options when you take this route, and here are four of the ones that get real results.

SEO Marketing

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and this can often be a crucial “low-level” form of promotion, but if done properly, it yields significant results. A search engine can be the Google search page, the Yahoo search page, or any other website people use to find the information they want.

SEO is the technique of ensuring that your online content contains keywords that most people use when looking for your product or service. For instance, if you’re a plumber but the word “plumbing” or the city and state you operate in are nowhere to be found on your website, this lowers the chances of the search algorithm deciding that you’re offering what people with plumbing issues want. You’re unlikely to rank high on search results.

Your Website

These days, having a website is essential to your company identity. It is the first place people will often go to online to find out more about your business and products or services. This means your website can be your business card, business brochure, and, if you have items to sell, even your storefront.

Because of that, you should have a clean, functional, user-friendly website to make an excellent first impression. A business without a website in the 21st century is difficult to trust, just like a company with no fixed address.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a potent but indirect form of marketing that works well online. Search engines like Google put emphasis on the coveted “first page,” which is where the most popular results land. Most people searching for information tend to not look beyond the first or second page. So if you are ranked lower than that, odds are your target market won’t visit your website and learn about your business.

Content marketing is another way to raise your rank. By providing content that people find useful, such as informative videos, articles, and blog posts, you attract more attention to your website, and this raises your search rank.

SEM Marketing

SEO is about making your website easier to find. Search engine marketing or SEM is more direct. Rather than raising your rank organically through SEO or content marketing, SEM goes direct to the source: the search engine owners. It involves paying them to advertise your product or service on the first page of search results.

This requires more investment than the sweat equity of other methods. However, if a search engine or social media provider provides this service, it may be worth looking into.

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