6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 You Should Know About

6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 You Should Know About

Technology continues to advance at a fast pace. This year, expect to see new trends that can affect your digital marketing strategies. It’s essential that you know what these latest trends are so you can keep up with them and make them work for your business. 

  1. Better Customer Experience

In 2020, it will be more about customer experience. Marketing is no longer just about trying to convince people to purchase your products or services. Instead, it’s all about providing excellent customer service that will keep them coming back. 

Additionally, consumers today are doing their own research. Gone are the days when they are passive when it comes to learning about products and services, so you need to provide them with something other than information. 

  1. More Employee Engagement

How do you expect to provide excellent customer experience when you don’t have the right employees to do it? The key is to build a solid foundation of employee engagement and implement methods to ensure every employee understands and is aligned with your company’s mission. Your employees won’t care about your customers if they’re not happy at work. That’s why you need to put effort into having a high level of employee engagement in the workplace. 

  1. More Voice Search

Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google have become useful in the world of digital marketing. These voice assistants provide people with more convenience as they can do tasks such as searching for things and reading texts aloud, so we will definitely see more of them this year. Therefore, to align your digital marketing strategies, it’s crucial to explore how you can incorporate voice search into your marketing efforts. 

  1. More Transparency

Research shows that companies providing transparent information can retain 94% of their customers. To be more transparent, you need to establish your core values and make sure that selling is not your only goal. It’s vital to be an open book to your customers as well. Another way to remain transparent is to always respond to your customers’ inquiries or concerns as soon as possible. 

  1. More Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI refers to robots or machines that can work like humans. Today, AI is widely used for automation, and it uses different features such as voice assistants and chatbots. Businesses will benefit from using AI today as it helps automate certain processes. For one, a brand can set up a chatbot to respond immediately to customer concerns on their website or their social media accounts. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Featured Snippets

SEO will remain an important part of digital marketing. In 2020, with the growth of mobile and voice search, users have changed the way they use search engines. That is why being number one on search engine results pages (SERPs) is no longer the primary goal. In fact, many companies today are aiming to be on the featured snippet on SERPs. 

A lot of companies today are still trying to figure out how to snag position zero on SERPs as it requires different SEO techniques. If you get to be in position 0, you will have a huge advantage over your competitors. 

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