8 Digital Content Ideas To Add To Any Editorial Calendar

8 Digital Content Ideas To Add To Any Editorial Calendar

If you have employed a content marketing strategy to boost your current digital marketing efforts, then you know that finding the right inspiration is the key to creating engaging and creative content.

On some days, you may be filled to the brim with content ideas, while on other days, you may be struggling to find something worthwhile to add to your editorial calendar.

Today, we will go over 8 digital content ideas you can incorporate into your editorial calendar. Your business and readers will love and appreciate these, and they will help with conversions and engagement as well.

Lists And How-Tos

These are two tried-and-true content ideas that have worked for many businesses. They are often considered a marketer's favorite. Lists are popular and contain easy-to-read and easy-to-remember information. People are more likely to recall the content of a top 10 favorites list, especially if they are numbered.

The same qualities also apply to how-tos. This type of content offers the reader a step-by-step process, helping them with a problem they may have. It offers clear and understandable directions they can easily follow.

Questions And Answers

A question and answer page is also helpful for readers who are looking for quick explanations. You can make this kind of content creative so it will be shareable and more engaging. It offers a more organized collection of valuable information and has solutions to some of your readers’ most common queries.


Roundups are the content go-to for marketers who may be lacking time. You can do some research to come up with some of the most popular content in your industry and then use that information to create a more comprehensive list for your audience. This can save them time searching the internet to find answers.

Personal Stories

When you tell a personal story, there's a chance that your audience will respond. You can create inspiring and motivating content for your audience that they will love because they can relate to it. Ultimately, storytelling can prove to be one of the more profitable content ideas you try.


If you have a specific topic in mind that your audience is interested in, you can use it to create guides. The guides will help your audience do something better than they could before. This content offers valuable information in an easy-to-read format, so they don't have to check multiple sources to find the information they need.


Many people prefer visual cues when it comes to content. Having infographics can help you tell a more complete story by providing key statistics, facts, and other need-to-know information in a more visual and eye-catching format.


Who doesn't love a good meme? If you are looking for ways to share more engaging content on social media platforms, then this is definitely an entertaining option. It allows you to show off your company's personality and get your point across with a bit more style.

Feature Pages

Another great digital content idea to consider is a feature page for your website. This is different from a landing page in that it dives deeper into detail. You can use this page for more targeted information for your audience.

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