Are You Optimizing Your SEO The Right Way?

Are You Optimizing Your SEO The Right Way?

Across the globe each year, it is estimated that over 2 trillion online searches are carried out. This is an overwhelmingly high number, but today’s business owners should view this as a number ripe with opportunity. Every search carried out is one more opportunity for your desired audiences to find you, check you out, and ultimately seek your products or the services you provide. By paying close attention to the SEO strategies you’re using, you can improve your website’s visibility, and you can place yourself just where you want to be when it comes to these online search possibilities. 

The 5 Crucial Optimizations

There are some SEO optimizations that cannot be ignored, and these are considered to be the 5 crucial optimizations. Regardless of the complexity of your SEO strategy, these are the optimizations that should have an important place in your overall approach to SEO. These 5 crucial optimizations are: 

  1. Mobile optimization – In today’s modern world, mobile optimization is more important than ever. 60% of all Google searches, six out of every ten, are performed via a mobile smartphone device. If you’re looking to attract these search engine users, you’ll have to have a mobile friendly website that supports the platform they prefer to use when they conduct their online searches. Implementing a mobile responsive theme is your best bet to optimizing your website and visibility. 

  2. Keep your content quality – Long gone are the days of tossing in some keywords into any old content piece and reaping the reward. Nowadays, in order for your content to be effective, it will need to be high quality. Making sure your content is made up of at least 300 words, including headers, incorporating hyperlinks, and creating content that viewers will want to read are all excellent approaches. 

  3. Keep backlinks high quality – Links signal to Google that your content is a quality resource, which will push you higher in search engine rankings. Links to trusted and authoritative websites in your content will show Google that your content is important for people to see. 

  4. Keep it quick – Page speed is incredibly important not just to the user experience, but for the crawlers that Google uses to determine where pages should be ranked in search engine results. The slower your website is, the less likely it will appear high in search engine rankings. 

  5. Keep your URL SEO friendly – A complex URL string, like slow page speed, will frustrate page visitors and Google crawlers alike. Keeping your URL easy to understand, easy to remember, and relevant to your content is important to keep your rankings high. 

Visibility For Quality Exposure

Making your website visible to the right audiences is crucial to its overall success. With the right SEO strategies in mind, you can place yourself just where you need to be for the exposure you truly want. If you’re interested in learning more about maximizing your SEO potential, contact us at ignitedLOCAL today.

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