Build Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget

Build Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget

No matter how well your business is doing, there is room for growth. There are always more potential customers to attract and convert. If you’re interested in expanding your small business’ reach, consider building your brand. But don’t worry because building a brand does not have to be expensive—it’s possible to do it on a shoestring budget!

1 - Develop A Logo

The logo is central to any brand’s identity. Think of the top brands in the market today. They all have highly recognizable brand logos. An impactful logo will help to exist and potential customers remember your brand. Design a logo that would stand out and, if possible, convey what your business does. You can opt to hire a graphic designer to do the task for you.

2 - Establish A Visual Identity

Once you have a logo, spend time establishing a visual identity for your brand. A consistent visual identity—a color palette, typography, and imagery—will contribute to a strong brand identity. Implement your visual identity on your business website, business cards, employee uniforms, business stationery, signage, and other marketing materials.

3 - Leave Your Mark Everywhere

Let your customers see and be familiar with your logo. Use it anywhere you can—your e-mail signature, invoices, menu, shopping bags, and business cards. Use your logo on anything that potential customers may see to help increase brand name retention.

4 - Be Social

Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication nowadays. A lot of brands, both big and small, have created social media accounts because these offer an easy way to interact with and convert potential customers. Best of all, they are free. There are tried-and-tested social media marketing strategies that will allow you to expand your brand’s reach.

5 - Build Partnerships

When marketers speak of partnerships, we always think of paid partnerships. But those are not the only form of partnerships available to businesses. There are numerous opportunities within your neighborhood that you can tap into. 

  • Influencers are an effective way to reach a wider audience. They may agree to give your brand exposure or write a guest blog for deals. Find influencers in your locale whose expertise complements your business.
  • If you can, sponsor a local sports team. In exchange, they can place your logo on their uniforms or other items they use.
  • Look for a related but non-competitive business. You may promote each other’s products or invite each other to events.

6 - Customer Reviews

Stay in touch with your customers after they have purchased from your store. Send them a thank-you e-mail and encourage them to give you feedback, which can be in the form of a survey or a public review. When they do leave a review, make sure to respond. Customer reviews will give you an idea of new products or services they may be interested in and, equally important, how you can serve them better. Cultivate a loyal customer base by building strong relationships with your customers.

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