Digital Consumer Habits to Consider

Digital Consumer Habits to Consider

If you are looking for effective ways to grow your business and improve on your digital marketing strategies, then you will definitely want to take a closer look at a few digital consumer habits. Look at current information on consumer browsing habits and think of a few ways you can improve your website, up to your digital marketing game, and capture more leads and conversions.

The First Hour of Browsing

During the first hour of browsing, it has been reported that 42 percent of digital consumers will make a purchase. With online shopping being as convenient as it is, it is easier for consumers to compare different businesses and prices quickly.

Because of this consumer habit, you want to make sure that your site offers a great first impression. Therefore, you should update your website, improve the overall user experience, create amazing content that falls in line and supports your brand, and make sure your marketing strategy is effectively conveying the uniqueness of your business.

Clicking Off Because of Inaccurate Descriptions

Approximately 87 percent of consumers online are less likely to purchase from a business again if they previously purchased an item that had an inaccurate description. Brand experience these days is becoming more and more important and contributes to the purchasing power of consumers.

When writing your product descriptions, make sure you use the right tone and language, including more than just the technical information, and remain consistent with your brand and personality. This consumer habit can help you learn how to influence customer conversions and grow your business.

More Emphasis on PayPal

More than 87 percent of digital consumers are using PayPal to checkout. This is more than a convenient option that appeals to many online shoppers. When you learn to understand this habit, you can find ways to improve your customer conversions.

Evolving Consumer Habits

Digital marketing for your business can sometimes be hard to keep up with due to the ever-changing and evolving consumer habits. The bottom line is this. Make sure you take the time to know your customers and understand their needs.

When learning about your customers, you will also learn more about their wants, their frustrations, and even what kind of technology they are using. All of these elements can help you create a more streamlined digital marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience and meets the needs they have.

As Persian philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus has said, " the only thing that is constant is change." This is why you need to establish relationships with your target market, listen to what they have to say, speak their language, and give them what they want. Following digital consumer's habits is just one way to do this.

To help you come up with an impactful digital marketing strategy that will appeal to your target audience, don't hesitate to contact ignitedLOCAL for more information on how digital marketing and consumer habits can help grow your business.

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