Digital Marketing Hacks to Help Your Startup

Digital Marketing Hacks to Help Your Startup

If you are looking for some budget-friendly hacks to help your startup grow and become more successful, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will be going through a few of these hacks while providing you with valuable tips to help your startup grow − even in the early stages.

Long-Tail Content

SEO and content marketing are two digital strategies that should definitely be considered when launching any kind of digital marketing plan. They are a good way to attract traffic for your site and convert that traffic into paying customers. However, many startups feel that the competition is just too high for them to implement a successful digital marketing strategy in the beginning. 

Instead of focusing on generic keywords, you should opt for the long-tail keywords instead. If you use long-tail keywords and write articles that target those keywords, you will find you have a much better chance at ranking.

You will quickly find that the search volume for a long-tail keyword will be less than the short tail keyword. You will see more traffic, however, and will have a much better ROI in the future. When using long-tail keywords and creating content, make sure it is high-quality content that provides users with value.

Conversion Campaigns

If you decide to run ads on Facebook, you should avoid running an ad to drive clicks to your website or landing page. Instead, install Facebook Pixel on the site and then set up custom conversions. If you run Facebook ads, you always want to make sure that you have a conversion goal in place. 

Google Dynamic Searches

Google is able to pick up titles and URLs directly from your organic search index and can then create ads for you. When driving traffic to specific pages on your site using Google Search Ads, you will find that your CPC will be higher and the quality score will be much lower if it is not a content page.

With Google dynamic searches, you can create a custom meta description that will be common across all of the ads that are there. This will give you a higher quality score while driving more traffic from the search. 

Follow Up Funnel

Once you begin to generate leads, you need to make sure to follow up with those leads. This is where marketing automation comes in handy. Email follow up sequences are the best way to accomplish these follow-ups. Every email that is sent should have information regarding your products, customer testimonials, and the story of your brand. All the content should be useful, relevant, and valuable for your audience.

Lead Magnets and Funnels

Lead magnets are also valuable and should also lead to a follow-up sequence. Most businesses only use one lead magnet; however, you can have multiple to attract multiple audiences. 

This is just a small overview of a few things you can do at your startup in its early stages. For more hacks and more information on how these strategies can help your business grow, contact ignitedLOCAL today.

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