How To Bring Offline And Online Marketing Strategies Together

How To Bring Offline And Online Marketing Strategies Together

Much has been said about the “new normal” that will follow the worldwide battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the changes to expect is the surge in online shopping, and thus digital marketing, even after the quarantine. For businesses, now is the time to start combining your traditional marketing and digital marketing efforts. Here’s how you can use both to boost your sales and conversion rates.

Bring In-Store Promotions Online

In-store promotions are designed to entice patrons and potential customers near your store to shop at your establishment. In-store promotions are an effective way to increase sales. However, you can expand the reach of your in-store promotions by sharing them online with a clever hashtag or sending them to those in your email list.

Feature Customers In Branded Gear Online

People wearing clothing items bearing brand logos have long been a part of offline marketing. Now, with the advent of influencers and social media, you can bring this offline marketing strategy online. It’s not just influencers who share pictures of themselves in branded gear. You can boost your online exposure by starting a trend and encouraging other customers to share pictures of themselves wearing items from your brand, too.

Bring Offline Events Online

There are numerous ways to combine traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies around an offline event. 

  • Promote the event online via email and social media.
  • During the event, post pictures, video, and other types of content featuring the event and the attendees.
  • Customize a hashtag for your event and encourage the attendees to use it.
  • Livestreaming your event to an online platform is another great option to increase your brand’s exposure.

Invite Customers To Leave Online Reviews

Satisfied customers would be more than happy to leave reviews on your website or social media accounts. But you can take it a step further and turn it into either a trend where customers post about their experience with your product or service (through a hashtag) or a promotion where they can get a coupon by posting a certain number of reviews.

Promote Your Social Media Offline

Use traditional marketing strategies to promote your social media accounts. Include your account handle or a QR code on flyers, signs, banners, and even business cards. Entice your offline audience to go online with updates, contests or promotions, and redeemable discount codes.

Share Customer-Generated Content In Your Offline Marketing Platforms

Make good use of consumer-generated images and content not just by reposting them on social media but also incorporating them in your offline marketing platforms. For instance, you could share pictures posted by customers in your store or your newsletters. This is a great way to engage your customers in both online and offline platforms. However, don’t forget to ask for permission before using customers’ original content.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy Now

While it is true that most people now spend more time online, there is still value in traditional marketing strategies. Online and traditional marketing strategies do not need to be separate. By combining them, you may see a significant boost in sales and conversion rates. Is your business ready to evolve? Contact Ignited Local today for more clever ways to integrate your marketing strategies.

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