How to Use Google to Optimize Your Local Visibility

How to Use Google to Optimize Your Local Visibility

Small businesses today can definitely benefit from becoming a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing. It is a good step in the right direction when it comes to your local SEO strategy as well and increases your visibility. 

You will also be able to better reach your target audience so that they will see your business before your competitor's business.

Google My Business

GMB allows you to successfully manage your online presence on Google. It is a free business listing tool and includes search and maps. When you verify your business and claim your business, you can also make any edits that are needed to make sure all your business information is up to date and as accurate as possible for your customers.

Benefits of GMB

One of the bigger benefits of this service is optimizing your listing so Google can decide when and how you should appear in search results. You also maintain full control over what potential clients may find in the search results about your business. 

Through the GMB dashboard, you can update your business information, add images, manage and even respond to all of your reviews, add posts and advertise.

Increase Your Visibility. You can also increase your visibility and acquire new customers. A good listing on Google will put you in a very visible spot on the search results page. 

Provide Consistent Information. You can also easily update all your information to improve your information that is found in all Google applications. 

Good First Impression. When you add photos and videos, you can garner even more attention from your target audience. If they are attracted and interested in what you are providing them, they will contact you for more information on whatever goods or services you are providing.

Customer Insights. You will get intel on popular search queries related to your business as well as get key information on how people are searching for your business, where they viewed your listing, what they did when they found your listing, and if your photos were viewed.

Not Using GMB

If you choose not to use GMB to your advantage, then it may be harder for potential customers to find your listing. Google works to make it easy for users to find all the information they need right on the search results page. If you choose not to optimize your listing, you are losing out on a great opportunity for more visibility.

When you optimize, users can get a ton of information from your listing without even having to visit the website like your address, directions, phone number, photos, reviews, a summary of the business, offers and upcoming events, and questions and answers.

Not optimizing your business listing is a huge mistake that a local business should avoid making. 

Creating a GMB Listing

Most of the time, the listing will already be available. Simply click on own this business to claim; otherwise, you can create a listing yourself if you don't see one there. For more information on how you can use Google to optimize your local visibility, contact ignitedLOCAL today for more information.

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