Using Chatbots To Improve Online Sales And Customer Retention

Using Chatbots To Improve Online Sales And Customer Retention

Artificial intelligence isn’t something of science fiction anymore. As a matter of fact, this reality has become an invaluable tool for businesses and organizations around the world with high opportunities for lead generation and a need for fast and accurate customer support. In a recent report by Gartner, it was shown that artificial intelligence chatbots increased conversion rates by as much as 30% when courting new prospects or leads. 

Chatbots have been shown to be incredibly effective in shortening the sales cycle and thus improving lead quality as they have valuable conversations with customers by answering any questions they may have. 

How Are Chatbots So Effective?

The idea of artificial intelligence chatbots might seem simple, and in reality they are just that. It’s built to answer questions and provide customers information quickly, accurately, efficiently, and whenever they need it most. Chatbots can boost sales and improve customer retention in the following ways:

  • Converting visitors to leads – If nurtured properly and provided with the right experience, any visitor to website is a potential customer. Your chatbot is there to immediately provide this nurturing, getting to know the prospective customer and answer any questions they may have. While answering questions, they also store valuable customer data as well as contact information that can be used later on. 

  • A greater understanding of needs and doubts – It’s crucial for customer doubts to be removed as they travel down through the sales funnel. The best way to get rid of these doubts is by answering questions, which is exactly what your chatbot is set out to do. The more your chatbot interacts with your customers, the more it will be able to understand them, thereby allowing the chatbot to provide potential solutions to customer needs. 

  • Tighten up that sales cycle – There is a great investment that many companies or businesses make in data collection before transferring a lead to a salesperson. Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots can allow businesses to invest less in prospecting so that they have more time on the selling end. This tightens up the sales cycle and creates a more streamlined experience. 

  • Identifying cross and up-selling opportunities – Sales aren’t limited to new customers, and companies will want to make use of those who already trust and use their products or services. Chatbots provide a perfect opportunity to cross and up-sell to certain potentially interested customers, which can offer a great increase in sales. 

Breaking Into The 21st Century

Chatbots are something that can be seen on many websites in today’s modern age, and there is good reason for that. Simply put, they provide a more positive customer experience while doing an important job for the businesses they serve. Using chatbots, companies can build stronger connections between themselves and their leads, leading to greater customer growth and retention in a simple way. For more information about chatbot technology and how it can be used to improve your business, contact us at IgnitedLOCAL today. 

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