Using Digital Marketing To Grow Your Local Business

Using Digital Marketing To Grow Your Local Business

For local businesses, focusing on brick-and-mortar type marketing might seem like the way to go. After all, you are already right in the middle of the audience you are looking to attract. For this reason, local businesses may opt to put out ads in the local papers and classifieds, they may attend community events to get the word out about their goods and services, and they might use community bulletin boards to get their names recognized by their local pool of potential customers.

 However, what about those community members who had to go to work while that community networking was going on? What about those who are too busy with errands or their kids while at the store to notice the bulletin board? How about the families that don’t really spend a whole lot of time looking through their local newspapers? By focusing on local brick-and-mortar marketing, you may be missing out on a massive pool of prospective customers and clients who seem to miss you at every turn.

 Digital marketing can help you grow your local business, and it can get you noticed by all of the individuals in your community you are looking to attract.


Tips For Local Digital Marketing


For local businesses that may not have branched out into the digital marketing realm before, the following tips will come in handy. Any business can use them to connect with their target market in the most efficient way possible.


  • Use Facebook Ads – Facebook ads make it incredibly easy to reach potential and existing customers by location, allowing you to place your business where most individuals are already spending their time online. Facebook daily users span all age groups and demographics, and more than 7 billion individuals sign on to Facebook each and every day from all locations.


  • Take Your Business To Instagram – Photos are incredibly important in creating valuable content, and Instagram is a platform that uses photos as the primary way to communicate with your targeted audience. Additionally, you can use locations and hashtags to categorize your Instagram posts, allowing interested members of your audience to find you easily. Like Facebook, Instagram is a highly popular platform, with over 500 million daily active users.


  • Use Your Content Power – The most powerful thing you can do in your digital marketing efforts is to create excellent content. A blog you use to publish worthwhile, SEO-friendly content that answers real questions or caters to people’s interests helps your local audience find you while using online search engines. If they have a question for Google and you have the answer with your local services or products, quality content will allow you to make sure that they will turn to you first.



Bringing Your Local Business Online


For local businesses today, brick-and-mortar marketing simply might not be enough to get good results. If you’re looking to bring your local business online, we can help. Contact the ignitedLOCAL team today to learn how you can master online marketing.

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