Whats New With Digital Marketing In 2020

Whats New With Digital Marketing In 2020

Marketing continues to evolve, and it’s hard to find strategies that have not changed over time. If you are a brand and you wish to boost your visibility without spending your entire advertising budget for the year, the best thing to do is to understand how digital marketing works.


The year 2020 has brought some new challenges and interesting, novel ideas to deal with one’s growing and evolving customer base. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that marketing is an ever-changing industry, so you and your brand need to be prepared.


Video Marketing Is The New Engagement Experience


When people talk of engagement, many assume that it pertains to an exchange between a brand and its customers. In the traditional sense, it is the number of fans or followers a brand has. Translating it to the digital scene, it involves forging connections using top-notch video marketing.


According to the figures, 93% of marketers are more likely to get a new client by posting videos on their social media pages. And before this becomes an issue of budget, it is imperative to note that even one person can create a video, provided it is not of cinematic quality.


Advertisers are now taking advantage of the integration of different social media platforms. This ensures and adds to the number of potential entry points that new clients can have to a product. Best of all, technology provides ways to track this engagement so you can add it to your evaluation.


Making Good Use Of Automation


Digital marketing is more than just a handful of gimmicks bent on getting new customers. While the latter part is a bonus, the truth is that it can be used to optimize the operations of a company.


Automation can happen in many ways. For starters, there can be a program that allows optimizing tasks that are linked to personalized emails. Features like direct-to-purchase and interaction with the brand through various channels are just some of the ways that a marketer can enhance the overall engagement of a customer with a brand.


Taking Advantage Of More Vocal And Accessible User Reviews


Any business will need a target market. It used to be that target audiences were only accessible through focus groups. Hence, they were thought to be passive and merely shaped by the decisions of a brand.


This time, the tables appear to have turned. As one’s online presence becomes sturdier, the more marketing opportunities it brings. One of these is the ability to check user or customer reviews and assessments and determine how your brand is doing. In the age of digital marketing, the best way to learn is through trial and error. 


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