Your Digital Presence Is Your Footprint

Your Digital Presence Is Your Footprint

For any business today, a digital presence has become essential. Where in the past, the credibility and image of a business often lay in being able to present a suitable business card, in the 21st century, that business card has gone online. Any business that isn’t able to present a legitimate-looking website, or have some other kind of digital presence is immediately deemed suspect, or, at the very least, so new as to be unproven.

The website and other digital tools are important for your business, and here are some of the things you should think about providing to ensure your business maintains a strong digital presence.

Professional Websites Matter

Your website is now many things, so it’s important to get this right. To potential clients or customers, this is your new business card, presenting your image, legitimacy and professional approach as a business. However, your website can also be your global storefront, where people can come and make purchases for products you may offer, so it’s important to consider the shopping experience is this is an aspect of your business.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your website is a point of contact for customer service. You can handle inquiries for business or address questions, concerns, or problems your customers have through email or other contact details you leave.

Social Media

Social media are now proving to be an effective means of marketing for businesses for several reasons. One of the most important is metrics. With traditional marketing tools like print advertising, radio or television, you have no idea how many people have seen the marketing, let alone reacted to it.

With social media and other forms of digital marketing, however, you get exact data on how many people have seen the marketing. More importantly, you get data on how effective it is, showing you when people arrived at your website, and whether they did so from a specific social media post, or other means of digital marketing.

A Blog Or Other Content

To be found on the Internet, a website or other associated digital footprints need to be highlighted to people on search engines like Google. One of the ways that search engines rank and present possible solutions to a search is through quality content.

If a website has a blog, produces videos, records podcasts, or creates other content that people find useful, the algorithms that govern how to rank a website will assign a higher rank. The end goal for any business on the Internet is to try to make it to the coveted “first-page” of search engine results, as most people looking for something tend to stick mostly with first page results.

Maintaining an effective digital presence can often be cheaper than traditional marketing techniques. At the same time, however, that cost-effectiveness may be more complex and time-consuming. If you’d like some help in improving your digital presence and making sure you’re driving new business and customers to grow, we can help. Contact ignitedLOCAL and let us help find ways to improve your digital marketing.

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