5 Tips to Keep Emails out of the Spam Folder

5 Tips to Keep Emails out of the Spam Folder

"You've got mail."  

The only problem is it's not where you want it to be.  


Building a successful marketing campaign has never been more important than today.  However, it has also never been more difficult either. With all the steps involved in creating a fully functioning email marketing campaign, there is room for small errors. In the land of emails, even a typo can send you to the trashcan of death. You just began your business and you are clearly not spam, however, your mail has ended up there and your reputation is at stake. Worldwide, just 79 percent of emails reach their intended inbox. Meaning for every five emails sent, one reaches the intended recipient. The rest is sent to the spam folder. Do not fear, we have created a quick guide to help make sure your emails stay out of the junk.  


Follow the Can-SPAM Act of 2003   

Think of The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing, or Can-SPAM Act, as the law of the emailing world. While your email's being sent to spam folders seems bad now, it could get worse if the FTC fines you for breaking the Act. According to the FTC website, email violations could be subject to penalties of up to $40,654 PER EMAIL! We're just trying to help keep your emails out of your recipient's trash, but it would be wise to take note of these 7 simple requirements for legal purposes.  


1) Don’t use false or misleading header information. 

2) Don’t use deceptive subject lines.  

3) Identify the message as an ad.  

4) Tell recipients where you’re located.  

5) Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you. 

6) Honor opt-out requests promptly. 

7) Monitor what others are doing on your behalf. 


Pretty easy, right? Well, it could get a little complicated when you dive into a requirement. For example, the first rule states to not use deceptive subject lines. Although the FTC does not go into detail there are known trigger words that will send your email straight to the gutter. Even though you're a small business, and you need to gain attention, words such as "buy," "order," "success," "click," and yes, even "we hate spam," will cause your email to go into the unpleasant folder. However, knowing this will allow you to keep the trash can at bay. 



Make Sure Recipients Engage with Emails 


So, you're following the Can-Spam Act perfectly yet your emails are still going to your recipient's junk mail. What gives? Well, your subscribers actually play a role in the success of your email campaign.  Email providers including Yahoo! and Gmail use engagement based filters to detect spam. In other words, if they're not clicking then your time is ticking. Without engagement, it's only a matter of time until they flag your company as spam. Remember that you're now trying to enter your subscribers home, not literally, but you're on their territory. Meaning you don't want them to ignore you. You want them to engage with you and let you into their home. 



 Don't Let Subscribers Forget Who You Are 


You're in their "home," and they've read your emails, but as the months go on they're not being delivered to their main mailbox anymore. This could have happened because your subscribers forgot who you were. As a small business, you need to become recognizable to your subscribers. If your subscribers forget who you are, then they're most likely to flag your business as spam. To prevent this from happening, make sure your business has a signature tone or font that readers can recognize.  



Clean Your Email List 


Like yourself, many people have email addresses that they use solely for the purpose of receiving advertisements from businesses or online shopping. These are real people who subscribed to your email list, however, their accounts aren't used as often as their primary email addresses. Emails like these are usually filled or are disabled after a while. This is bad news for your business because most spam filters penalize accounts that send emails to bad email accounts. Since you are now associated with a "bad account," your emails will be sent to other recipient's spam folder. To prevent this a semi-annual cleanup is needed. By simply removing bad or fraudulent accounts you decrease your chances of being left in the third-class-mail.  




Use a Reputable Email Service Provider 

Choosing the right email marketing software has a huge impact on the success of your small business. A good email marketing service should be easy to manage, allow auto-responses, and most importantly ensure that your emails do not end up in a spam folder. ignitedLocal provides powerful technology that does just that. To learn more about our email marketing tools make sure to contact us today. 

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