6 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results

6 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results

As a small business owner, you probably associate SEO with site links, SERPs, and keyword research. But have you ever stopped to really think about how a simple email can also help you improve and boost your SEO performance? Typically, people think of an email marketing campaign as just a way of getting opens and click-throughs. They rarely associate this kind of marketing with search engine rankings and SEO performance.

It has been found that over 51% of people actually discover new websites through their email so this means it could be beneficial to you and your business to look into the benefits of designing emails with SEO in mind.

Improve Bounce Rates

Search engines are knowledgeable and are able to tell how long a person stays on a particular site and how many of them leave immediately or bounce away from the site. This bounce rate is a crucial factor when it comes to your search ranking and the content you are providing. If you find that your bounce rate is high, then you are not ranking as you should.

Boost Social Engagement

Designing an email that includes links for social media platforms is beneficial because it makes it easy for the visitors to your site to share and promote your content across the platforms they use. Always include a CTA (call to action) at the bottom of each email as well requesting your visitors to share your content. This will lead to improved organic engagement- something your site so desperately needs.

92% of marketers have reported that social media management is important to their business and its growth and half of them said it helped to improve their sales.

Help Target Content

Email segmentation and CRM tools can be useful to have when it comes to using demographic information from your email list. Having this knowledge and these tools will allow you to deliver the content directly to the people who will find it the most valuable, so you are not wasting an ounce of your effort.

Currently, more than 60% of marketers are taking advantage of personalized email content that is targeted to their specific demographic.

Creating a Content Hook

Another benefit of an email marketing campaign is giving you as a small business owner the opportunity to distribute your content and try to get your audience to engage with it. You can cross promote your social channels with your email campaigns to help organically grow a bigger following. Ultimately, this growth will also lead to the cross-promotion of even more of your content.

Use CTAs to Boost Engagement

When you write a compelling CTA that requests that an action is performed, you can then use segmentation to target the more active contributors you have within your comment feeds on social media.

Reviews are also a good “ask” for a CTA, and you can even embed review forms and other links to your Google Business reviews in the emails you send out. Doing all of this will also help boost your overall impact when it comes to where you rank on search engine results.

A Second Chance for Content

When you repurpose long form emails or use smaller ones for blog posts then you not only have a direct SEO benefit, you also can get more mileage out of content you already have.

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