6 Ways to Incorporate Email and Social Media Marketing

6 Ways to Incorporate Email and Social Media Marketing

Achieving a business goal through digital marketing is a strategy that requires a combination of social media messaging, email marketing, and a website strategy. Yet many businesses lack the ability to balance all three aspects, often forsaking one for another.

6 Ways To Put It All Together


Actionable Newsletters

The reason you send out newsletters to your consumers is to deliver actionable content that can result in a conversion. The content is important, but it’s just as important that the reader has the ability to share the content on social channels. Focus first on the design of the newsletter. Make sure that there are actionable social media buttons and that they are presented in a way in which readers can find them and make use of them.

Stay Consistent And Relevant 

Words cannot express how important it is that you keep your brand and voice consistent over all of your social media channels. Don’t use a purple color palette all over Twitter and then switch to green in your newsletters. The method of which your audience interacts with you might change, but your brand never should.

The same can be said for relevance. Newsletters that make announcements should align with the same announcements on your social channels.  Don’t create starkly different marketing campaigns that can confuse your audience and make you seem untrustworthy. Keep it similar and keep it steady.

Instill Urgency 

By instilling a sense of urgency in your audience, you’re likely to ensure a successful email marketing campaign. Requesting a quick response will not only get your readers to take action, it can also drive up social interaction. Refrain from using standard click-now tactics and go for subtlety. Consumers are no longer falling for the sterile and tacky calls to action, they want to see the human touch. Try telling them what they’ll miss out on instead of putting forth demands.  

Make Them Happy With Emojis

The world of emojis has gotten much bigger. Each year the powers that be add more and more to what you can say without words. Mobile traffic is becoming the top source of online traffic and there is an emoji for everything. Your customers will likely be reading their emails on a mobile device, so give them something that’s familiar.  While this might not be successful for every industry or newsletter, using emojis every now and then might drive up your conversion.

There’s A Button For That 

You should already have actionable social media buttons on your email newsletter, but you also need actionable buttons on your social media page. The buttons you use are your choice, and some businesses won’t need to use all of them. Take advantage of social marketing by offering actions such as:

  • Contacting your business
  • Viewing a promotional video
  • Linking to your e-commerce website
  • Subscribing to your newsletter

The actionable button availability on Facebook can help boost your digital marketing campaign in many ways. Remember to provide a link on your Twitter and Instagram accounts where people can subscribe to your newsletter. This gives everyone an opportunity to take you up on your offers.

Offer Creative Content

Content doesn’t always mean industry-specific. Give your readers valuable and engaging content that they can’t get elsewhere, and then insert subtle reminders that allow people to learn more about your digital campaigns. This can be anything from a “You’ll never guess what topic is trending on Facebook now” link within your newsletter, to a "You'll love our newsletter subscribers received a preview of our latest product, don’t miss out!" post on your social media feed.

A Helping Hand

Still having trouble blending it all together? No worries. Contact http://ignitedlocal.com to help you bring your social and newsletter campaigns together for your best business blending ever.