Four Effective Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Engagement Rates

Four Effective Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Engagement Rates

Email marketing can be a very effective tool for increasing your conversion rates. However, the reality is, most of the emails you send will go straight to the trash folder. This can be very disheartening when your digital marketing team has put a lot of hard work and effort into building a subscriber list and sending original content week after week. You know what they say though, work smarter not harder. Here are four email marketing tips that will help increase your engagement rates and will actually be opened by your subscribers.


  1. Segment Your Subscriber Lists


One of the reasons your emails may be getting ignored is because they are not targeted to the right audience. Not all of your subscribers are the same. Segmenting allows you to target your messaging to the needs of your subscribers. For example, your regular customers probably want updates on your newest arrivals, while new subscribers may want to learn more about your brand. Segmenting your email list by demographics, behavior, and preferences can help your efforts be more effective.


  1. Focus On Great Subject Lines


The copy inside your emails is very important, yet it doesn’t really provide any real value unless your subscribers open the email. Most of your subscribers get several emails a day from vendors. You need to make sure that you can stand out from the noise. Great creative, provide a sense of urgency, and pique their curiosity. Also, make sure to test and track. A great strategy is to use A/B testing. Where you send the same email out with two different titles and track which of the two had more opens. With this information, you can begin to narrow down what characteristics of your subject line work best.


  1. Send Emails Regularly


A lot of marketers are hesitant to send too many emails out of fear they’ll be considered SPAM. SPAM is not sending regular emails to your subscribers. SPAM is sending emails to people who have not opted into your email list. Your subscribers want to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to send daily blasts. Sending daily blasts also increases your chance of better open rates because it gives you more opportunities to put your messaging in front of your subscribers.


  1. Optimize Your Emails For Mobile


The landscape of the internet has changed. Nowadays, more people access their emails from their mobile devices than laptops or desktops. Just as marketers have optimized their websites to meet these changes, so should they optimize their email campaigns. When developing your email, make sure to do robust testing on your mobile devices so your copy and images look beautiful on both a desktop and a smartphone. This will help ensure you don’t lose readers because of disjointed and unattractive email formats.


These four tips will help you increase your engagement rates. For more ideas on how to turn subscribers into active customers, talk to the digital marketing experts at ignitedLOCAL. We’ll make sure that all your digital marketing pays off!

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