How to Create a Killer Email Autoresponder in One Day - Even if You're Lazy

How to Create a Killer Email Autoresponder in One Day - Even if You're Lazy

Are you tired of missing sales? Are you tired of your email subscribers becoming more and more disengaged with your emails? If so, then you need to implement a solid email autoresponder that converts new leads, manages your relationship with current subscribers, and keeps your audience from opting out of your list. When you do, you'll make more money and create happier subscribers. The great news is, you can do it easily and quickly.

For this autoresponder, you will be creating 10 emails that you will then schedule to go out automatically at preset times. You just need to learn what to say in those emails and when to schedule them. Here's the five-step process to a killer email autoresponder:

1. Welcome Them With Open Arms

The first email your subscribers receive after signing up is the most important one. You need to do a few things to set the stage for a long and prosperous relationship with your list. First of all, tell them they made a good choice. People are often insecure, and reaffirming their decision can go a long way to convincing them that they should stay on your list.

After that, tell them what to expect in the future: are you going to be sending daily emails, weekly emails, etc.? The more they know from the start, the less likely they will be to complain or get angry if you send them unexpected emails.

2. Value Nuggets

After you create the first email, you need to create six additional emails that will be sent out in the days or weeks that follow. These emails should focus on providing your subscribers with value. This is where it pays to know what your market wants. Give them actionable tips, inspiration, or entertaining nuggets that make them glad they opened your emails in the first place. Do NOT sell in these emails. Don't pitch or offer links to purchase your product just yet. The goal here is to build up goodwill so that your later emails (when you ask them to buy) will have a higher conversion rate.

3. Cliffhangers

It's always a good idea to include cliffhangers in your autoresponder sequence. Think of it as a series on television: at the end of each episode there is a new question or dramatic event that goes unanswered. You sit on the edge of your seat and you can't wait to tune in next week to find out what's going to happen next. This is what you want to do in your emails as well. Include cliffhangers like "next week I'll tell you how I made an extra $5,000 in the real estate market." If you do, you'll see progressively higher engagement, email after email.

4. Asking for Action

You will craft three emails that ask for action from your subscriber. These sales emails will be dispersed throughout the autoresponder, after your "value" emails. This is because you want to build momentum and create value before you ask for something in return, such as buying your product, liking your Facebook page, or signing up for a trial.

5. Behavior Based Segmentation

Depending on your email autoresponder software, you will now have information on your subscribers. You'll know, for example, what subject lines they clicked on, which email body links they clicked on, and who bought products or not. From this information, you can start to segment your list. This lets you target specific campaigns to specific users in the future. For example, if you noticed that a certain portion of your list bought a yellow dress from your ecommerce store, you can suggest other matching yellow items to those same customers in a targeted email followup campaign (another autoresponder) in the future.

The Sequence

OK, so now you know the five big tips on how to make your autoresponder content rock. But you need a schedule to follow. Here is a proven sequence that you can schedule to go out automatically. Depending on your goals and your market, consider spacing your emails out every couple of days, or even weeks (that part is up to you). Here is the order in which to send out your emails:

1. Welcome Email
2. Value Email #1
3. Value Email #2
4. Value Email #3
5. Ask For Action Email #1
6. Value Email #4
7. Ask For Action Email #2
8. Value Email #5
9. Value Email #6
10. Ask for Action Email #3

Bonus Tip: You don't have to create all-new content for your "value" emails. You can simply repurpose existing content such as blog posts, articles, or videos that you already have, and paste them into your email or link to them.

Once you've written out the emails for your autoresponder, the "hard" part is done. All you need to do now is review them one last time, then schedule them to be sent out. There are numerous easy-to-use autoresponder software services available. Many are free and quick to set up. Then just sit back and watch as your email list grows automatically with happy subscribers like clockwork.