How to Create a Successful Drip Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Successful Drip Marketing Campaign

A drip marketing campaign is also known as an email campaign. The term email campaign, however, can sound dated and out of fashion in some lines of business. Smart advertisers know how to make good use of a drip campaign to gain the trust and admiration of their customers.

Keep It Warm And Personal  

When you send out an email to your customers, you want to make it look personal. People are more adept at recognizing spam and if it looks like spam, it will likely get deleted without a glance. Choose something in the “from” field that lets the receiver know that you’re a real person. Look at the following examples and consider the impressions they create:

  • Jackie Bischoff
  • Jacqueline Bischoff, Quartz Digital News
  • Quartz Sales Department
  • Jackie Bischoff, Quartz Talent Lab

Making your email look warm and personal keeps it from looking like spam. Pick something that your customers will understand; something personal to them that resonates with their interests. Something that no spammer will be able to replicate. And stick with it for use every time.

On the same note, choose a subject like that speaks to what people are interested in at a specific time. Don’t bombard their inbox with subject lines that are tacky and overtly promotional. Stick to subjects that pique their curiosity and hint at the prospect of something interesting yet to come.

Everyone Loves A Story

That something-interesting-yet-to-come should come in the form of a good story. Even the dullest and uninteresting company can gain popularity when backed by good storytelling. From hardware to software, find ways to bring personality to what you do and make a compelling story out of it. Storytelling works best when you market to your audience, which is no different than people in any other profession.

Stories work because it’s the human touch that speaks to people. Use your email as a way to express yourself as well as your business. You are not a cold, faceless corporation; you are a person, first and foremost. Show people that side of your business and they’ll not only buy from you, they’ll spread the word about you. 

Create a personality that people will recognize instantly. When introducing new products, offering new services, or making changes in your marketing campaigns, attach them to the name that people know to reinforce meaning and credibility. This is free branding.

Be Unforgettable  

Touching base with your consumers regularly will ensure that they won’t forget you. Autoresponders can be lifesaving and keep you in touch with recipients on a continual basis. Try sending out messages every few days, or weekly. Look for an unsubscribe rate between 3 and 10 percent to ensure you’re matching your market. And if people complain that they missed a day; take it as a sign that your stories are good.

It’s important to send out emails that are relevant to your customers. Not just some; but all of them. A good drip marketing campaign speaks to everyone. Sending out an email that only interests a few people might get you a high return from that specific group, but might put off everyone else. Suddenly, half of your market becomes less responsive to your future emails.

Don’t get a reputation that you send out emails about topics few are interested in. Though a typical drip campaign might be run this way, a smart drip campaign is not. Create a sub-list for different topics that speak to different consumers to maximize the value of your campaign. And if you still have questions about running a drip campaign, or email marketing, contact