How to Run a Successful Email Campaign

How to Run a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing has been proven over and over again to provide the best return on investment of any digital marketing strategy.  Companies utilizing this method can not only nurture new leads but grow their business bottom line. Understanding how to properly run an Email campaign will take the mystery from the equation. By following a few simple guidelines, your business can take full advantage of this proven tactic. 


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Segment Your Email List 

Take a look at the Email list your business has amassed over the years. Not every Email is at the same location in the sales funnel. Some are still potential buyers, others are existing buyers, many more need to be cultivated.  Sending out a blanket Email to everyone, regardless of their motives, is a fast way for people to unsubscribe from your list.  

  • Categorize your list. Most email management software provides the tools for quick categorization of lists. Automated segmenting happens based on a person's click-through rate, how they interact with the Email's CTA, and whether or not they buy from you.  


  • Create Email templates for each segment. Automation is the name of the game, the more templates you have, the more campaigns you can run. Although automation is making the process easier, it's still important to keep a personal touch. Adding a tag that automatically generates a name can do wonders for open rates. People aren't stupid, they know it's a mass Email but it's always nice when companies go the extra mile to put their name on it.  


 Know Your Audience 

The good thing about your Email list is that you know what each person is interested in – your business! Luckily, you are an expert in your niches and creating a valuable dialogue about your livelihood comes naturally. There is no reason to beat around the bush, get right to the point. You are providing a service or product that everyone on your Email list is interested in.  

  • Analyze demographics. Use Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to see the kind of people clicking on your website. With enough information, you can find age, gender, even geographic area.  


  • Use CMS software for even more analysis. If your company has invested in a centralized backend for content management, you will be able to see exactly who is reading your Emails. This information can prove invaluable when targeting different people and cultivating new customers.  

Don't Forget the CTA 

When sending Emails, it's great to have friendly content. Making sure your messages are enjoyable to open is all part of marketing. It's also important not to forget about engagement and the entire purpose of sending Emails – lead generation.  Give your readers something to click on that leads them back to your website and farther down the sales funnel. 

  • Provide something of value. The best way to interact with readers is to offer them some sort of give away. This can be in the form of a digital download such as a whitepaper. Make it easy for the reader to download, all they have to do is give you their information. From this step, you can move the person further along into the sales funnel, one step closer to a sale.  


  • Create a landing page. When someone clicks from their email onto your website, the navigation page should facilitate the exchange of information. Don't put menu headlines or outbound links on the page. Make it straightforward, with one purpose – don't let your reader become distracted.  

Test Your Emails 

Crafting a hella dope email campaign can feel great. However, simply creating a single template is not enough. Not only should your Email list be categorizing people based on their sales funnel placement but within these groups, you can try different approaches. 

  • A/B testing. When building CTAs inside your Emails, pick a single attribute to change. This could be the color, the font, or even the placement. Keep testing one against the other throughout your campaign to see which ones perform the best. What can you learn from your Email list? There might be more differences in your leads than you thought.  

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