8 Local Marketing Tips

8 Local Marketing Tips

Local business owners know how important local marketing is to their company. Marketing should aim to reach beyond the standard sales pitch and into something deeper. The right techniques can create something special that gives you credibility and a solid foothold in the community. A campaign done well can

Here are 8 local marketing tips that can help you build trust in your brand, engage with your community, and make you a household name around the neighborhood.

Build Connections

Connect with other local businesses and develop relationships on a local level to expand your network and build partnerships.  

Get Involved

Participate in community events to build awareness and meet with other businesses in a casual way doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.

Encourage Feedback

Every business wants their customers to have an awesome experience, but even a poor review gives you the opportunity to correct and repair

Use Google

Use Google Local to assure that your listings are properly managed. Upload pictures, include relevant information, and ask for customer reviews. 

Organize Events

Even if your business is global, it’s still important to have a presence in your community to contribute to the local scene, make new connections, and raise brand awareness.   

Mix It

A networking mixer is a great way to get your local business involved with other local business owners. Find one, or create your own.

Target Ads

Target Facebook Ads can be an effective strategy. Research your target customer and find an effective message that will reach your local audience.   

Partner Up

Find local influencers to grow your fan base. Attracting the right people in your community will bring in customers who follow those people.    


Don’t Worry, We Can Handle It  

Become a master of marketing for your local business, even if you don’t know where to begin. When you enlist the services of a good marketing company such as ignitedLOCAL, you won’t need to worry about where to begin. We’ll handle all aspects of your marketing, from connecting on social to networking with the locals. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer for your local business.