Can Your Business Convert Digital Views into Foot Traffic?

Can Your Business Convert Digital Views into Foot Traffic?

Being a local business translates into having a brick and mortar store. Most likely, the physical location is where the majority of your business happens. Using the internet and marketing techniques are just ways to increase your reach and ultimately increase sales. In order to do that, your online reach must translate into shoes through the door.   

Converting your online views into real, human interactions can prove to be a difficult challenge. By focusing on your messaging and offering incentives to potential customers, your marketing strategy can begin to pay off in a big way  

Coordinate all Social Media Accounts  

Being a local business, it is safe to presume that you have many social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, maybe even Google+, with so many online personas to keep track of, each account is unique in its own way. Coordinating all of your accounts for a specific media campaign can be a great way to excite your followers. A good way to build hype is to organize a large event of some sort. This could be a one day only sale, a free pizza giveaway, anything that requires people to come into your business at least once.   

Once you have the event planned, use your social media accounts to start getting the people excited. Coordinate specific information drops, revealing just enough to keep people interested in what it is you are planning. If your twitter account posts a photo, have your Facebook account write a lengthy post explaining what the photo represents. Use multiple accounts to build up a narrative, build a large digital narrative around your business. 


Make Your Brick and Mortar Appealing for Internet Users 

shopping inside


If you do a lot of business online, having a flagship store can act as its own form of marketing. Make your in-person appearance exciting and fun with interactive displays. Anything you can do to make the user experience just as exciting as your online presence will be beneficial to your business.   

You can also advertise the store as a destination. Even if people do not show up, knowing your store exists can make them more inclined to support your business. With so many online-only businesses, having a fun storefront can set you apart from the competition. It makes your products more real and will bring in new customers interested in the tangible quality of your services.  

Don’t Think of Your Online Presence as Different Than in Person Interaction  

Having your own store is wonderful. It allows you to interact with real customers on a daily basis. Learn from them and how best to talk with clients. People who you meet in person are most likely similar to those you are targeting online. Your online presence is merely an extension of the brick and mortar location. When you have coupons or sales online, honor them in person as well.  


Use your store as a showcase for your products. This is especially useful in letting potential clients see what it is you sell. Pictures and videos can only go so far as to elicit sales. It also means your store should be in a large urban area where most of your user base lives, or at least a large enough population to boost sales.   

Real People in Real Time  

Using your social media, you can tag your customers in real time. Make sure to have permission from people before uploading pictures but most won’t mind. Use your social media as a platform to stream and upload pictures of actual customers enjoying your products. Having content of unpaid people can be a powerful form of digital marketing. It looks real because it is real. Use your products as props for other people’s social media accounts. Putting an interesting background in your store or a large unique prop will make people more inclined to feature it in their posts. Having your business name in the form of a hashtag also helps visitors remember to tag you in all their content.  


Real Life is Digital Life  

Real people use social media to engage with others every day. Using your own business as a space for that interaction will benefit your brand and increase sales in the long run.