Don't Forget to Keep it Local

Don't Forget to Keep it Local

As a local business owner, don’t forget where your value lies. It is easy to get caught up in overall market trends and national industry outlooks. Especially when it comes to your marketing, don’t fall into the temptation of building a campaign built on countrywide behaviors. Your business is successful because of the town you live in. Don’t waste time and energy trying to appeal to a broader market. Own your town, and be the best. There is plenty of competition, with more springing up on a daily basis.

Is Your Social Media Community Oriented?

Unless your local business is highly social, your social media presence is probably less than you would hope for. But this is not a negative or even a challenge you should lose sleep over. Whatever you do, never stop producing content for your site. If you can elicit 10 views a post, that’s good. If you post a new blog 3 times a week, that’s 30 views a week. Over the course of a month, you have garnered 120 unique views to your business. And because you are creating a repertoire with certain individuals, your local presence can only grow. When your services are needed, all of the sudden, your well-maintained site makes you stand out as the best option for potential customers.

With so much content being created, it can’t all be based on selling your business. Try writing about community events or supporting the local High School sports team. It’s best to keep your brand away from controversial issues. But jokes and even memes can be the perfect way to engage potential clients. The more you show you care about the community, the more trust you will gain. Being a local business is super rewarding and your social media presence should be an extension of your passion.

The more you create and engage with your community, the more you set yourself up as the local expert. And let’s face it, you are an expert. Nobody else has committed their life to your business. With every post, you are building a brand. With technology becoming ever more important, it’s best not to get left in the dark when it comes to social media.

Is Your Contact Information Up-To-Date?

What may sound like a silly question at first can potentially lead to a major revamp of your online presence. How many phone numbers do you have listed? Diluting search results with multiple contact numbers only serves to confuse both your customers and the algorithms ranking your website.

Not only does your phone number need to be accurate but so should your Email. Having a contact Email makes it very easy for potential customers to reach you. It is more informative than a phone call and much more information can be passed back and forth. Does the email you have listed work? Even if it is the correct information, does clicking on it prompt an automatic form to pop up? Any extra steps in delaying the writing process increase the likelihood that a customer will not contact you.

While you are looking at your Email, how does it look? Having old email handles can age your business and turn off potential clients. Keeping your contact email modern will instill even more trust in your business. People want the best, let your Email reflect that.

Using a Professional Service to Stay Relevant

With so much maintenance required on your local media presence, it can be hard to find time in the day. Your main priority is your business and performing the services that got you to where you are today. Marketing and brand building is a task that should never monopolize your time.Using a fully staffed marketing company can take the burden of responsibility off your shoulders. It is also more cost-effective to hire a 3rd party rather than try to do it all in-house.

Maintaining an online presence is an important part of keeping a loyal, local base of support. The more quality content you make and the easier it is to contact you, the more of an authority you will become. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed either.