How to Run a Local Business Internet Campaign

How to Run a Local Business Internet Campaign

It's that time of year again, the need for a boost in business. Creating an advertising campaign showing off a new product or offering a great deal can be an instrumental part of any new campaign. As with most business ideas, if prospective buyers don't know about your business and the campaign, they won't become patrons.  

Digital marketing is one of the newest and best ways to reach huge amounts of people. Creating an online internet campaign can work to drive old and new buyers alike to your store.  


Identifying Your Buyer Persona 

When deciding on a campaign, the first step is to identify the buyer's persona. This will help you tailor custom methods of outreach that will provide the greatest ROI. 

What is a buyer's persona? 

Think of your typical customer. Who are they? What do they look like, what do they do? You want to create a fleshed-out personality that will allow you to generate leads for your business. 

  • Reach out to existing customers. The best method to discovering who your buyers are is by asking actual buyer's questions. This can be done in the form of a survey or even a face-to-face interview.  Send an Email to your customers asking them to fill out the survey. Attach it to a free offer of some sort that will entice them to fill it out honestly.   
  • Identify their buying platform. When potential clients are buying your product, are they using it for their personal life or for a company? If your buyer is a manager, advertise how your product will save them headaches and stress at work. The more streamlined your solution is, the more likely they are to push their own supervisor to invest in it. 

The same goes for personal products and services. If your buyer persona is looking for solutions to their domestic responsibilities, target them appropriately. Finding the nuances that set your buyers persona apart from the market at large can help increase your bottom line.  


  • Ask them why. Straight up asking someone why they buy your product will most likely yield terrible results. However, asking them about their own problems they are seeking to rectify will give you clearer answers. Find out the pain points in your client's lifestyles. Where can your business offer improvement?  


  • Make it fun. Personal questions take up time and for many, it can be a painful experience. When conducting your buyer persona research, be sure to make the experience fun for everyone involved. Keep it organized and to the point, try to avoid time-wasting questions. Give participants a reward for engaging with you. Enter their name into a potential lottery or give them a coupon for your services. Savor every interaction with your customer base and always create a delightful experience around your brand.  

Centralize Your Online Presence 

After identifying your buyer, it's time to target them. Creating a strong online presence can make it easy for buyers to engage with your business and discover your campaign. Having a centralized backend that allows for quick content creation, social media pushes, and email blasts will make your marketing campaign that much more successful 

  • Content management. Writing a series of blog posts about your business can help boost SEO rankings and drive traffic to your site. Incorporating a CMS to make management fast and efficient can save you time with publishing and let you focus on creating more content.  


  • Organize social media. Updating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media app takes time. If you can centralize and manage your social campaigns from one spot, it will reduce redundancies and increase your ability to engage with leads. Social media is a relatively unobtrusive and fun way to build your brand and instill trust in your buyer personas.  


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