Keeping the Personal Touch Alive When Marketing Your Business

Keeping the Personal Touch Alive When Marketing Your Business

Inbound marketing is the buzz word of the millennia, especially if you are a small business owner. Gone are the days of cold calling an entire phone book hoping to drum up business. Nowadays, everything is oriented toward creating a persona that buyers want to engage with. With numerous websites and blogs dedicated to boiling this process down to a science, it is easy to forget about the humanizing side of things.  


Finding and using CMS software that can be implemented into your company's business model can make organizing your online presence simpler. 


Focus on Your Community on Your Website 

Building a custom website is an amazing experience. Whether you do it yourself, use a drag and drop developer, or simply hire an agency to make it for you, it is exciting to have. When creating a website, it's easy to fall into the "corporate" trap. Many businesses look at a national brand and then replicate what their design looks like. National brands have different strategies compared to what a small business needs. 


  • Avoid broad terms. Large nationally ranked websites love to keep everything ambiguous. They create websites that are broad with language so bland, the content sounds impersonal. This strategy works when targeting the most common denominator in buyer personas. Whenever anyone is searching for that specific industry, their website will always be ranked. 

However, as a small business, you don't want to be ranked nationally, local results are all you need. Instead of making sweeping generalizations, discuss precisely what your service offers. It's also a good idea to relate it back to the community in some way. Reference geographic points or even a local sports team.  


  • Don't compete for national keywords. Let's use the example of tacos for this conversation. If you run a small taco truck, competing against businesses like Taco Bell is not in your interest. Not only is your food superior but their marketing budget dwarfs anything you could come up with. While you may not own the keyword "tacos", you can find related keywords that are more oriented to your location. Try searching for "Tacos in your city".  

This also presents opportunities to relate to your buyer persona better than any national brand could. While they are handicapped by competing in every market around the country, you have the ability to specialize in just one. You can quickly become the taco expert.  


  • Don't hesitate to be yourself. Creating your brand on your website allows for creativity. As a local business owner, your personality is already on stage with every sale being made. Do not hesitate to use vernacular that you would use in front of a customer.  If people wanted a bland, boring business to shop at, there are plenty of corporate identities for them to go to.  

What makes your brand special is you. You are the unique part of your company. Let your ideas flow through your business to create a local identity. Instead of copying what larger businesses are doing, focus on what the customer wants. 


Keeping up With the Kardashians 


Just like your website shouldn't compete with national brands, your social media does not need the same exposure to someone like Kim Kardashian. Keep your social media focused, on local buying habits as well as your own business. Create original content that shows off what makes your company so special.  


  • Instagram and Facebook. Both apps allow for a creative outlet that can engage potential buyers. Take photos of your business in action. Actively seek out new followers in person. On every receipt, publish your social media profiles. Take advantage of the friend's groups on Facebook. Post original Facebook posts that people want to share.  

When using Instagram, create pictures that speak to your customers. They should be related to the industry you're in. Following these strategies are bound to garner a couple thousand followers. While it may not sound like a lot when compared to the biggest accounts, every person who is local is more valuable than even a thousand followers who aren't that interested in you.  


Keep your local business focused on customers. Inbound marketing is not here to change who you are, only to attract new customers and let them know how awesome your business is. Let help your local business gain digital traffic online today!