SEO 101: How to Dominate Google Ranking

SEO 101: How to Dominate Google Ranking

There’s a lot of information floating around the web. Any questions you have can be answered in an instant, by multiple sources. Everyone is an expert at searching the web, but not many are experts at dominating Google’s search engine to be relevant in an online search.

Start By Building Trust  

You may wonder how trust comes into play with cruising to the top of a Google search. The answer is: everything. Those who use back-end tricks and shortcuts to increase their rankings won’t get away with it for long. You might get a high ranking for the short-term, but Google will eventually discover your tricks and this will not secure your future.

The three core components that will earn you the trust of Google are indexed age, content, and authority. Indexed age can be seen in any personal relationship; the longer you know someone, the more you learn about whether they can be trusted or not. With Google, the longer you show yourself to be trustworthy, forsaking all unsavory tactics, the more success you’ll find.

Content is crucial to your success with Google. When it’s well-written and valuable to the searcher, it will be valuable to Google as well. The authority of the website relates to the link profile, and it’s a segment that takes time to create. Those that come from one source continually give little to the authority of the website, while links that come from trusted sources with good IP diversity are worth more.

Laws Of Searching

There are several laws of search that are critical to your success in SEO. Following each law will ensure that you end up high in ranking, but they can also help you meet the needs of your clients and customers. 

  • Speed Of Your Site – Ensure that your site loads quickly from anywhere around the world to give you good ranking on Google’s SERPs.
  • Good User Experience – Google actually cares about the positive experiences of their users and adjusts algorithms accordingly.
  • Authority Of Domain – Once again, it’s not the number of links you have, it’s the quality of the links. Think in the long-term to increase your ranking.
  • High-Quality Content – It’s impossible to emphasize how important good content is to your ranking. Eliminate errors, provide valuable information, and focus on quality over quantity.
  • Lengthy Content – Numerous studies have found that higher-ranked pieces are those that go over 2,000 words. Longer content not only delivers more value, it’s more likely to get shared.
  • Keyword Focus – Gone are the days of keyword stuffing. Today’s keywords must be placed naturally and strategically for the benefit of the reader and the search engines.

  • Engage the Audience – Content that resonates with the reader keeps them engaged. Avoid tangents, make use of bullet points and lists, and use subheadings for readability.
  • Have a multimedia presence - Use of podcasts, video clips, and other areas of media where your business can shine. Be sure your website works properly and loads quickly on all platforms.
  • Use Citations - If you refer to a study or documentation to support your argument, cite the source and provide a link back to the page. This gives you more linking potential for SEO ranking.

Get A Helping Hand  

Enlisting the help of a company who understands the importance of your online presence is essential. A company that knows marketing and ranking strategies can be the helping hand you need to make it happen. At, we understand the needs of the search engines as well as the need of the people. You’ll not only rank high with Google, you’ll rank high with your customers—and that’s what marketing is all about.