Using Your Online Brand to Increase Customer Loyalty

Using Your Online Brand to Increase Customer Loyalty

Perhaps the greatest asset a local business can enjoy is customer loyalty. Being an integral part of the local community can elevate your status and keep sales strong.  But how can having a clean and friendly web presence help with that? 

Customers want more than just a product when they are shopping. They want to be a part of something larger than themselves. And as a local business, your unique position as a community broker makes loyalty a natural tendency for consumers. Of course, if your business cannot create an appealing brand then the community will most likely ignore you. 

Making a Website to Inspire Loyalty 

Smartphones and screens tend to be the first impression potential clients will get from your company.  Therefore, using a high-quality website is a great way to inspire viewers to look twice at what you are offering.  A great looking website must also have valuable information that intrigues the reader.  

With the average person touching their phone more than 2,000 times a day, having a useful website should garner at least some of that attention. Most people using their phones are looking for a distraction or some kind of content they can read. Think of your website as an opportunity for a potential customer to engage with.  

Loyalty to your brand can start with a fun experience.  Just like when meeting people, first impressions are everything.   

Having nice to look at pictures, friendly fonts and even some kind of interactive game are all great ideas.  

Building a highly functional company website is just as important to your company as an in-person interaction.  

Don't Forget Your Local Appeal 

Inspiring loyalty means being trustworthy and reliable. Make your local business a bedrock of the community.  

Support local sports teams.  

Make friends with your customers and other business owners.  

Show loyalty to the town you do business in and the town will show it back.  

Use local pictures of the town to inspire a community feel.  

This is also where having an excellent website can help your brand appeal. 

Is there a building, or theatre of prominence in town? Maybe a landmark that people feel strongly about?  

Take a look at the marketing for that attraction, what kind of font are they using? Sometimes, using the same font as other popular town aspects can inspire loyalty subconsciously.  

People trust what they know. Let them know you.  


Automating Social Media 

Social media is the most popular way to interact with other individuals. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have created an enormous user base. You would be hard-pressed to find someone not using these sites. 

Creating a business account to directly talk and engage with the community is always a good way to increase brand loyalty and awareness.  

But social media takes time and energy. Building up a large following requires hours of input and online interaction. It also dictates fresh content on a daily basis, which can be almost impossible to create when your business demands constant attention.  

Running into the problem of time constraints is where automation can be beneficial.  With the right software, you no longer need to spend hours a day on social media to have an active account. Let software do all the work for you.  

Post all your tweets and Facebook updates the same day and allow for auto-posting on the dates you decide on.  Let an algorithm build your Twitter following for you, don't waste time liking and re-tweeting hundreds of people a day.  


Loyal customers will visit your website on a frequent basis. Writing fresh content on a weekly basis gives people a reason to keep coming back. Blog posts and daily updates of your business and the community are terrific routes of engagement.  

If all this sounds like too much work, not to worry. IgnitedLocal is here to grow your online presence. Our platform allows us to build you a customized website, perfect for creating a local look. Our software includes social media automation, saving you time and increasing views. We even write fresh content on a weekly basis, keeping people coming back for more.  What are you waiting for? Give us call today 866- 423- 5235