Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Site

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Site

Take a look at your website. It looks awesome. The SEO and keywords have been precisely crafted to rank you on Google’s front page. The content is funny and original. You even have new blogs being published on a weekly basis. With active links to social media accounts, your reach is always growing. Various tabs make navigating fun and easy when a user opens up your site, you can be confident in making a future sale.

The one aspect your online reach is lacking is a mobile site. Sure, what you have now loads fairly quickly on a smartphone, but it just doesn’t look the same. Menus are clunky and load times are miserable. It would be nice if most people used laptops and computers to access your business page, but that just isn’t the case. More people are accessing information with the use of smart devices, now more than ever before. And this is a trend that’s only going to increase. Setting up your website to make it mobile friendly is imperative to your success.

How Mobile Websites are Different Than Desktop Websites

The biggest difference between the two types of websites is the user experience. Referred to as UX in the business, it refers to the way a reader engages with content. On traditional web pages, there is plenty of room for colorful graphics and large photos. There is also space for banner ads, hyperlinks, and fun ways to engage the reader.

On mobile devices, there is no room for all the glitz and glamour. This is why desktop sites look so clunky on mobile devices. Creating an entirely custom user experience is necessary when utilizing a mobile design. The menu bar will be turned into a navigation menu, resembling three parallel lines. Large pictures will be minimized and any widescreen attributes will be cut out.

Creating an App to Increase Customer Engagement

Your website is looking great. The mobile version is user-friendly and all the content is engaging. Users will appreciate both these aspects and first-time users will actively click through your content. But, the ultimate way to retain clients and turn those leads into deals is by having an app. People love interacting with apps more so than actual websites. App usage makes up 90% of interaction time on mobile devices. This is huge news. Not only are smartphone the go-to choice for consumers, but using apps is the preferred method. Consuming data has never been more fun or as easy.

By having an app, you have something to sell, a way to earn trust with your customers. And for your customer, the app costs them nothing. You can have a link on the mobile site, encouraging them to download your app. Using an Email list, it is possible to encourage subscribers to download the app, it’s free after all.

Once people download your app, you can begin targeting specific users. The more reach you have, the more likely a sale is to be made.

Apps are even more customizable than the mobile version of your website. On this medium, you have all the creativity in the world to build a highly engaging platform. Most businesses take full advantage of apps, making shopping even easier for potential customers. By using an app, you are customizing the user experience and tailoring it not only for your business but also for the customer.

Use a Professional Service to Build Your Mobile Site and App

As the marketplace continues to evolve and the user experience gains in importance, turning to professionals will only help make your website and content that much better. Creating apps and building engaging websites is a hassle and a time sink. On top of that, every year the process gets more complicated. With technological advances moving at lightning speed, staying up to date with the freshest methodology can seem impossible.

Just like you are an expert in what you do, we at IgnitedLocal are experts in our craft. Specializing in small and local businesses, we have the programs and tools required to make your website mobile and app friendly. With dedicated teams of UX designers and content creators, your business will always be modern and up to date. Making mobile websites and apps can seem like an overwhelming responsibility. Not to worry, we make the process simple and affordable. Don’t let technology leave you in the dust. Contact us today.