How to Research Keywords for your PPC Campaigns

How to Research Keywords for your PPC Campaigns

How to Research Keywords for your PPC Campaigns

Finding the right keywords to make your PPC marketing campaign profitable can be a time consuming but important exercise. Without the right phrases and words, your well thought out ad will never be seen by the people you are targeting. With constant change and endless competition, it is always a good idea to stay up to date with the latest marketing techniques.

Ok, you don’t need any more convincing as to why keywords are important. But now you’re wondering, how do I find them? A quick google search renders dozens of companies who offer paid services. These companies specialize in saving you time and have the resources necessary for in depth research. But this article is not about using keyword companies, it is about doing your own research. Understanding the basics behind how keyword searches work will only make you a better marketer. I laid out my top three favorite methods of finding the perfect keywords.

Search Your Competitors

A Google search of your own product and your competitors will yield hundreds of ads aimed at your target demographic. Take a look at how these ads are being structured and pick out the keywords being used. Researching your competition will allow you to stand out and create unique ads that are more likely to pull the reader in.

For example, I searched “how to find keywords”, and immediately, advertisements for keyword search companies popped up. The phrases “keyword research”, “keyword finder”, and “competitor keywords” are what companies are using as headlines.

Besides the ads, the search results yielded ample blog posts, each with “keyword” somewhere in the title. One of the most popular ways to structure titles is by using a “how-to” type of question. Another common title is the list example: “Top 10 ways..”. “5 best things…”. By making an engaging title, you are increasing your chances of a reader clicking on your ad. Learn from your competition and make your ad campaign even better.

Google Trends

Competitor ad research is a great method to start nailing down the proper keywords you need to be using. If you’re like me, you will want to dive even deeper and hedge your bets on the right phrasing. A terrific resource for this is Google Trends. Fairly straight forward, it allows you to see the popularity of certain keywords, phrases, and topics.

Not only can you see spikes in popularity for certain industries and events but you can compare words to each other. Let’s say you have a carwash business, and you want to compare automatic car wash searches to manual car wash services.

As you can see, automatic car washes are much more popular than manual car washes, at least on a nationwide level. If you click on the country you are targeting, Google will break it down even further. For the United States, you can search a specific metropolitan area.

This is a great way to gauge interest in your product or service. Google Trends even gives you suggested queries based on people’s similar searches. It’s a great tool that can become an invaluable service for your business.

Keyword Extension for Chrome

Google searches and Google Trends can only give you the relative popularity of a specific search term. Because of this, it is impossible to know how many times a month these terms are actually being searched.

Not to worry.

There is a Chrome extension for that. And the best part about it, it’s free. Keywords Everywhere is the perfect app to find the popularity of certain keywords. If you are running a simple search, it will let you know how many times a month your search query was searched as well as similar terms. The add on even tells you how much running a Google Adwords campaign will cost.

Before the extension is added, only suggested keywords are shown.

After Keywords Everywhere extension is added. You can see the total number of searches and the relative cost associated with a Google Adwords campaign.

The extension even adds information to Google Trends. Using Keywords Everywhere gives you information regarding the number of searches and the relative price of an Adwords campaign.

Keyword Research Should not be Scary

Engaging in keyword research is a great way to ensure your posts are seen by your target audience. Analyzing the number of searches taking place and what the competition is doing allows you to see market trends. Using these three simple methods alone will elevate your PPC campaign. Research your competition, compare keywords on Google Trends and use Keywords Everywhere to nail down the most popular terms.

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