10 Tips for Using Facebook Live

10 Tips for Using Facebook Live

Everyone knows it's time to jump on the digital advertising bandwagon – so if your business hasn't, it's time to get going. A great place to start is using Facebook Live, a feature on the Facebook app that allows you to connect with your followers in real-time. The app can be extremely useful or a complete failure – which is product of being live and not pre-recording. Pre-recorded videos allow you to edit so that any mistakes can be changed. That's the benefit of commercials and ads, you can present yourself as professionally. But that might also be a downfall. Live videos connect you to your audience on a personal level which takes away the intimidation of perfection that edited videos have. It also allows you to connect to your audience one-on-one. Here are some tips to get you started on Facebook Live today!

Advertise beforehand

Videos only do so well if people know they are going on. Going live means that your audience needs to be on the app at the same time you are recording. If they log on later, that personal interaction is lost. So advertise beforehand. Use Facebook Ads to let potential viewers know when you are going live and what is going to happen. Use keywords in less than 160 characters to attract viewers. Write a few posts on your Facebook page advertising the video and that you want to talk to your followers.

Plan it out

The easiest way to maintain audience engagement is by keeping the video flowing so you need to have a plan! Make an outline of things you want to show off, do or talk about; know when you want to showcase products and for how long. It's important to know the direction of the video and what will retain audience attention. Know your demographic and what will encourage them to interact with you. Have a goal for the video – do you want your audience to just know about a product, to buy a product, to open up communication?


No matter the plan, Facebook Live is real-time meaning the video should be unscripted. Have an outline and goal for the video, but know your audience is tuning in to engage with you and not to listen to someone talking at them.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since it's unscripted, that means you should practice what you are going to say beforehand. Try using your camera feature to record yourself in the video. Go through everything you're to do and imagine others are reacting to what you are saying. When people comment on the video, mention their names and welcome them. Your audience will know you are looking at comments so a small pause to read posts is understandable. Predict what your audience might ask and come up with some responses that will further attract attention and never use negatives.

Never-ending Ideas

The awesome thing about Facebook Live is that you can use it for whatever your needs. Use plug-ins to show off an online presentation or webinar. Bring in guests and have them model or use your products. But it doesn't have to be formal. Use Facebook Live to run around the office and introduce employees, or showcase specials and interview guests coming into a store.

Communicate with audience

Now that you're live, make sure you are constantly engaging with your audience. People will be flooding in with emoticon reactions and comments. Gauge who you are talking to and what they like. Know that you can't always please your audience but you should be actively looking at comments and positively react to what they are saying. That is what this video is all about – engaging with your potential customers.

Maintain CTA

There should always be a call-to-action in your content, even in videos. This helps reel in your audience to your desired goal, i.e. visiting your store or filling out a form. The call-to-action should be at the end of video and contains action verbs.

SEO keywords for further engagement

Before, during, and after the video make sure to use the same keywords that create consistency in your brand. They should be specific to your business and are usually the most used words in your content. Use hashtags, links, blogs, and other-related content to advertise the video using the same keywords. Make a keyword a hashtag to set your business apart and garner attention quickly over social media platforms.

Add a thank-you

After the video has ended, try to respond to all comments and add a sincere, yet short thanks for their participation. This shows your potential customers that you enjoyed their conversation and might seal the deal. Let your audience know when you will be producing more videos and content and have them sign email lists to keep them in the loop.


Using Facebook Power Editor, you can analyze and manage your audience engagement from the app. See when people logged in, when they were most active, what they liked and disliked, where they are located and much more. This helps you build a more complete buyer persona and improve your campaign