5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Facebook Ads

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Facebook Ads

Picking The Right Marketing Channel

In a world where social media marketing offers options from pinning to tweeting, there’s never been a better time to expand your digital footprint. Everyone has an opinion about which platform you should use for your next campaign, but the fact remains that Facebook continues to be the most successful marketing platform available.  As the world’s largest social network, chances are high that you’ll not only connect to your demographic, but you’ll see an increase on ROI when you start using Facebook Ads for your small business. 

5 Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

1) Save money while being seen.

Every small business owner looks for ways to save money. Gaining visibility on Facebook costs less than other platforms, and the value for the dollar cannot be overstated.  Whether you’re promoting your latest content, or trying to reach a bigger audience with your new marketing campaign, it’s the most cost-effective way to be seen.

2) Be in the same place as everyone else.

There are 1.47 billion active users on Facebook each day, and their ad clicks total to 22 billion each year. The people are there, ready to find you through the many targeting options that Facebook Ads can offer.

3) Target your audience as no one else can.

There are other platforms that use audience targeting, but Facebook has created a platform that’s completely unique. Users have the opportunity to build a detailed personal profile that gives marketers some very specific characteristics to work with. Location, age, and gender are good; likes, interests, and purchase behavior are better. This is great information for creating specific campaigns. 

4) Organic reach has slowly disappeared.

Once upon a time, organic reach was all you needed to get the word out about your small business. Over the past few years, however, organic reach has been on a steady decline. Is it possible that things have moved in a direction that allows Facebook to acquire more revenue form their ads? Probably. The reality is, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to reach potential buyers.

5) This is the time to customize your audience.

Grow your audience by targeting people who are interested in your small business by:

Taking the people on your email distribution list and targeting them easily on Facebook.

• Expanding your reach to potential customers by targeting people who share similar characteristics with your current audience.

• Swaying potential buyers off the fence when they’ve been looking at a product on your website by having ads appear while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed later on.

• Get Started On Your Future

Social media marketing can make a big difference for your small business. With so many reasons to start using Facebook Ads, isn’t it time to take advantage of everything it has to offer? If you need help with Facebook Ads, choose a company who knows how to make the most of a great opportunity. Contact ignitedLOCAL to get started on your future today.