5 Ways to Boost Views on Facebook Videos

5 Ways to Boost Views on Facebook Videos

Is your local business on mute? 

The world of digital marketing changes every minute, and if you don't keep up you could go unnoticed. Social media is seen as a haven for all businesses. It allows you to show off your company in your own view, and engage with current and new customers. However, what happens when your followers can't hear you? 

In February 2017 Facebook decided to start auto-playing content whenever users scrolled past a video on their news feeds. This was great for businesses because their videos were being seen and didn't require a "play" button to be pressed. Despite the great news, many users felt like their phone suddenly screamed at them in public areas causing embarrassment and frustration.  Many users chose to completely disable their audio-play setting, pushing marketers back to square one with online ads. Do not fear, even if a Facebook user's audio-play settings are muted, the auto-play feature is still on, giving businesses a way to get their audience's attention and make them want to listen. 


Set up Video Subtitles 

Silence is a virtue...and that's why you need closed captions and subtitles for Facebook videos.  The auto-play feature for Facebook gains prospect's attention, however, the video is muted until users decide to turn their audio onAn astounding 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Your content is a silent film. This is where closed captions and subtitles come in.  

By embedding closed captions into Facebook videos, you are still reaching your audience, but without the bells and whistles. When's the last time you watched a video on Facebook? At your desk, on the bus, during a long conference? The point is, that video probably had subtitles and you took it for granted without realizing it was purposefully embedded. While your videos audio will add empathy, it's better to add subtitles than to have your video skipped because someone forgets their earphones.  


Less is More  

In the 50's the average advertisement length was one minute. Since then ads have become increasingly shorter. In the 70's the average length shrank to 30 seconds. Today, advertisements are a mere 15 seconds in length. Is it the most effective time? No. But for the purpose of social media, that's the maximum amount of time you are going to retain a person's attention. After you get their attention they can visit your site and view longer videos, but to first gain their attention, less is more.  

Stand Out on Facebook 


No audio, 15-second time frame, and a photo of Aunt Betty's new baby waiting to be scrolled down to. Standing out is hard, but you have to push through. Make your video stand out with easy to read captions. Make sure to always add a shadow layer to the text to make sure it can be seen in front of any background. If you don't want to take these additional steps Facebook has its own subtitle tool to utilize when uploading a video. You know your small business better than anyone else, so highlight its best qualities in a visual yet appealing way within the time frame.  


Video Headlines Matter 

You've got the subtitles, but you still need to draw your audience's attention to the video. You need to create a compelling and eye-catching headline that will make people stop and pay attention to your video.  More than one billion people are active on Facebook. Meaning there are other businesses attempting to also gain attention with their videos. Get ahead of the curve and craft a headline sure to set you apart from the rest. Also, make sure to include a 2-3 description of your product including a link to your website.  


Make Them Listen  

You're on mute, but why stay that way. The goal is to get your audience to click on the unmute button at the corner of the video. Once you've grown trust between your audience and they've become avid viewers they will want to view your content at its best and listen to the business mogul who's changing their local community. 


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