8 Facebook Live Video Tips for 2018

8 Facebook Live Video Tips for 2018

The age of instant content makes Facebook Live a big player in the game of reaching core audiences. As businesses continue to look for more effective ways to engage with their consumers, Live has been getting a lot of love for increasing brand awareness. If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, consider these tips for your future success.

Provide Customers With Unique Content

Live streaming is one of the most personal and customizable ways to provide content to your audience. Don’t waste time with rehashed and recycled content that everyone has seen before. Get your smile on and make something personal that lets your brand personality shine through.

Save Money With Social Strategy

Businesses want to save money, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Video has become popular in recent years, but it can be expensive to produce dynamic content that grabs the attention. Facebook Live can virtually eliminate that expense because you don’t need a high-quality camera, set design, or editing skills. Simply pick up your phone and start.

Create Excitement Around Product Releases

While you don’t want to use Facebook Live for every single event that occurs in your business, it’s a great way to announce and promote product releases. In a live video, viewers have no idea what to expect, which is what keeps them tuning in. This creates excitement and urges users to come back often to see what’s next.

Use Community Events To Increase Awareness

If you’re thinking about ways to use Facebook Live, a good way to begin is to promote a community event. This provides an opportunity to discuss the upcoming event with others to get their buy-in. Since videos done in real-time can create deeper connections between brands and users, use it to address events and increase awareness without reusing the same stale ads.

Connect With Your Audience Directly

Facebook Live shows your brand personality in ways that no other platform can by making you seem personable and approachable. When consumers feel a connection, they remain loyal to a brand.  Foster those connections by using Live for a Q & A session. People will flock to participate and get immediate answers to the questions they post, giving you more opportunity to engage. 

Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Live videos will drive more traffic to your Facebook page, so making use of Facebook Live will naturally draw people to you for content. Live drives more engagement than any other video content thanks to its real-time engagement.  Just remember to keep your content fresh and updated so you can keep the traffic flow steady.

Engage In Real-Time And Track It

Facebook Live is commonly used all over the world, meaning that you can share content with your audience in Singapore at the same time you’re connecting with those in San Francisco. It’s a real-time engagement that lets you track metrics such as likes, shares, comments and other stats like:

  • Did users like one section of your video more than another?
  • Did anyone comment on the video after the video ended?
  • How did Live compare to other Facebook content?
  • How many new followers have you gained since using Live?

Get Help From Someone Who Knows

If the idea of going live anywhere, let alone on Facebook, has your quaking in your boots, speak with a company who can ease your fears. There’s no shame in getting tips and directions from a marketing company who knows exactly what you’re going through. http://ignitedlocal.com has experience running online marketing campaigns. Don’t let your fears hold you back from going Live; contact http://ignitedlocal.com today.