Convert Instagram Leads to Sales

Convert Instagram Leads to Sales

If you’re on social media, chances are you’re on Instagram. And if you’re on Instagram, you’re likely attempting to get customers from it. How’s that working for you? If you’re not achieving the success that you think you should be achieving, you might need to rethink your strategy.

Make It Easy To Understand

The attention span of the internet is nearly impossible to hold. Those who are stopping by your page are likely coming from other areas of social media where they spend many hours each day. Visitors want to see your offer, make a decision, and move on. They don’t want to shuffle through blocks of text to try to figure out what they need.

Using icons or bullets to break up the text can be easy on the eyes and help users find what they’re looking for. Copy can be very persuasive; keep it short by outlining benefits and using numerical proof. Vague statistics can hinder you by giving the impression that you have something to hide, making you seem untrustworthy. Choose statements such as:

  • Our average project generates $15,000 for partners.
  • We have 300,000 merchants, and any of them could be seeking your services.
  • Our partners earned $360 million in total during the year 2017.

Avoid vague statements such as;

  • Our average project generates a substantial sum for partners.
  • We have countless merchants.
  • Our partners earned millions of dollars in 2017.

Make It Trustworthy

Earning the trust of your Instagram visitors is essential to getting that conversion. The items that you place on your landing page should all play a role in building that trust. When you create headlines that claim the impossible, the level of trust your visitors have in you diminishes almost immediately. Skip the sensational and go right to the substantial.  

Including logos from reputable brands on your account are great for bringing trust to your customers. Showing that you have a direct association with various publications helps build your credibility. The more credible you are, the more endorsements you’ll get, which further boosts your reputation.

Using elements like trust badges, statistics over vague statements, and even offering, money-back guarantees can increase the odds people will trust your offer and convert. It’s when you lose the trust of your potential customers that conversion rates will drop. That loss of trust can come from visitors who are forced to make assumptions about your offer due to a lack of concrete evidence.

Make It Real

Avoid making claims that your product is better than it really is by using words like “best” or “most powerful.” This can come back to haunt you if customers are misled. Conversely, if you’re offering a product or service that is one of the best options available, don’t neglect to elaborate on it. Potential consumers demand a solid explanation before they buy. 

Fill your landing page in a way that makes no erroneous claims, yet makes your point. Include honest copy that cites your benefits and helps visitors understand what you are offering. Focus on images of the product for sale from all angles. If the product is wearable, include an image of someone wearing it; if it’s a service, include an image of someone performing it. 

Stop treating your landing page as an afterthought; it’s this page that can inspire your visitors to go all the way. Without a focus and a creative ad to draw people in, they’re likely to back out without claiming your offer, and that’s the real goal of any campaign. If you need the help of a professional company who can help you make the most of your Instagram and other social outlets, contact today.